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Gaming Daily: BLOODBORNE Patch Speeds Up Load Times- Hallelujah!

Ah, Thursday. Or better known as Friday eve. With the weekend upon us, there has been a lot of important news to cover. Between Marvel and Telltale’s powerhouse partnership , another teaser for Black Ops III, a peek at the upcoming Mad Max game, and even an a cappella version of the Mortal Kombat theme, we’ve had our plates full–and that’s a good thing. As for the rest of the news, we’ve got you covered. In today’s Gaming Daily: Bloodborne’s load screens have finally been patched, Animal Crossing themed DLC races onto Mario Kart 8and Square Enix will be hosting their own E3 conference.

Bloodborne gets a new patch to speed up load times. 

Dying is a natural part of the Bloodborne experience, and at times it is even necessary. What wasn’t necessary was having to wait at an unimaginative load screen for as long as 40 seconds before being thrust back into the world to die again 5 minutes later. Even worse, the load screen featured the same static image every time. You can only imagine how grating this wait time became, especially for those new to this type of “Souls” game, and thus have been dying more frequently. Just check out Jessica Chobot’s accurate 30 second review. Well, it has been somewhat fixed by the newly released patch. The small download makes load times quicker. And instead of a static picture, item descriptions are displayed.

No one ever thinks about load screens and how they change your gameplay experience, but this is a clear example of how it can add frustration. Item descriptions are nothing new for From Software, as they’ve done the same in the Dark Souls games. It should at least reveal more lore to players since a lot of it comes from the in-game items.

This patch won’t save you from dying so much, but it will at least allow you to get back in the world quicker… So you can die once more. Jokes aside, we thought Bloodborne was amazing in our full review, so improving it in the slightest bit is even better.

P.S. We also have a guide to help you survive a bit longer.


New Mario Kart 8 DLC speeds onto Wii U today. 

Time to get behind the wheel once again, as the second DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 has finally arrived. That’s right, you can dish out the Blue Shell of justice on 8 new tracks, with 4 new carts, and three new racers. This is the second DLC pack for the fantastic friendship ending racer, and it features an Animal Crossing theme. It is a substantial pack priced reasonably at $7.99. If you want the previous The Legend of Zelda-themed content, you can buy a bundle pack for $11.99, saving you a couple of bucks in the process.

Purchasing both packs will add a whopping amount of content: 16 tracks, 6 new characters, and 8 new vehicles. As an added bonus for grabbing both, you will be rewarded with 8 new colors for both Yoshi and Shy Guy. It is bonkers just how much content can be added at such a low price, so fans of the classic party game are going to want to add this to their stable.

Nintendo has shown that they are capable of releasing well valued DLC for their most important titles like Super Smash Bros., and we can only hope that they continue to provide great values like these.


Square Enix is holding its own separate E3 Conference

Taking a page out of Bethesda’s book, Square Enix has announced today that they’ll be hosting their own E3 conference this year as opposed to being relegated to another companies stage time. Obviously they did not disclose any information on what to expect at the conference, other than they have “some exciting news” to share. Square has been asking us to please be excited for E3 for some time now, so it looks like we will finally get to see what we are supposed to be so gleeful about.

Some safe bets of having some stage time include, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and the new Star Ocean game. That is an impressive line-up on its own, but they probably have a few secrets up their sleeves if they are going to go through the trouble of making a big splash at E3.

This conference can go a long way in regaining the trust and love of their fans if they have a lot to show from their highly anticipated line-up. Hopefully they learned from their Final Fantasy VII HD rerelease at the Sony Experience Event and won’t troll the world again.

That marks another end to another great Thursday. There was plenty of good news to keep everyone going until tomorrow. Speed your way down to the comments section below to let us know what you expect Square Enix to show off at E3. Now excuse us while we go back into Yharnam as we try not to die


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