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Gaming Daily: BANJO-KAZOOIE Spiritual Successor in the Works

Screw Kim Kardashian showing her bare ass on the cover of Paper Magazine– the news of Bethesda holding its very own E3 press conference (which possibly means a Fallout announcement is on the way), and our review of the upcoming action-RPG Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate were more than enough to “break the internet” today. But alas, we’re far from finished with our flurry of interesting developments, and in today’s Gaming Daily, we’ll be chatting about the return of The Lost Vikings, DC’s upcoming Mortal Kombat X comic, and speculation about the spiritual successor to a classic Nintendo platformer. Shall we make haste?


A Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor is in the works.

NeoGAF strikes once again! A post surfaced within the ranks of the gaming forum, pulling excerpts from an upcoming issue of Edge Magazine. It appears that several former Rare employees have banded together under a new indie collective known as Playtonic Games. The studio went on record stating that their first project would be a spiritual successor to the Banjo-Kazooie series. Holy crapola!

There’s not much else to go off of at this current moment, though if you do head on over to the Playtonic’s website, you’ll notice the fairly interesting teaser image pictured above. This is all great news, and it also means that we are one step closer to a possible rebirth of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Take that last statement with a grain of salt.

[HT: NeoGAF]


Mortal Kombat X prequel comic returning in May.

Been waiting for more Mortal Kombat X comic book goodness by way of the wonderful folks at DC? Well, IGN got an exclusive first look at issue number six of the Mortal Kombat X prequel comic, which is set to return in May. From my perspective, pure kaos appears to be inbound thanks to a collection of the game’s newer cast members. But you can check out the screen and make your own analysis by looking right below:

Oddly enough, we won’t be seeing this issue until May, which is well after Mortal Kombat X‘s April 15 release date. The comic is said to be concluding the epic Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion battle that capped off issue five. We’ll also be seeing new characters Kotal Kahn and D’Vorah involved in some type of trouble in the new issue as well. You can grab the comic digitally on May 13 for $3.99.


Play as The Lost Vikings in Heroes of the Storm.

And here we go with some more video game nostalgia. We found out that The Lost Vikings were making their way to Heroes of the Storm during Blizzcon last year, and as of right now, players with beta access can take Olaf, Baleog, and Erik out for a run on the battlefield. Check out the announcement trailer above.

The Lost Vikings are one of the more interesting additions to the cast, allowing users to control three different players simultaneously. StarCraft players who enjoy micromanaging a slew of on screen characters will more than likely benefit the most off of this addition. Baleog is a bruiser that can deal splash damage to groups of enemies close to each other, Erik is a speed junkie who dons a long range attack, and Olaf is the tank of the crew who can slow enemies with his charge attack. This is sounding a little on the “OP” side of things already.

That about wraps it for Tuesday’s Gaming Daily. Always keep it parked here on Nerdist for all of the juicy video game developments, and to chat about our beloved medium, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Oh man. I flipped out when I saw the news about the former Rare employees! So stoked. I’m happy to see people form major labels going on to make great stuff. The Lost Vikings looks cool, but that is a lot to manage.