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Gaming Daily: Amiibo Craze Crashes Gamestop Website

It’s April 2nd, the day you can finally trust headlines. Since it was probably hard to figure out what was real news and what wasn’t, check out our list of best April Fools Jokes just to make sure you didn’t fall for any sort of tom foolery. Now, back to the real hard hitting news that we all want, like the insane popularity of Amiibos. On today’s Gaming Daily: the Amiibo craze crashed Gamestop’s website, Quantum Break was delayed until 2016, and Binding of Isaac is the second title to require the New 3DS XL.


Amiibo Craze Crashes Gamestops Website

If you ever doubted the popularity of Nintendo’s little NFC-ready figurines, doubt no more. After announcing the new Amiibo line up in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, certain shops opened up the ability to pre-order the little character figures today. Gamestop’s body apparently was not ready. Once they opened up the pre-order for people, the site promptly crashed because of the large influx of traffic. Of course, it was announced that Ness, a Smash Bros. favorite, would be exclusive to the mega company, so it may be a safe bet that this exclusive brought in a large number of collectors in.

Later in the day, Gamestop released a statement that they were trying to fix the issue and the only way to pre-order these at the moment would be in the store. That is right: getting up and leaving your internet haven– what is this, the 90’s? There hasn’t been an official report on this but it sounds like the system at Gamestop shops are crashing as well. Keep in mind this is not official yet and may not be occurring at every Gamestop.

We would say it is a good problem for the game shop to have.


Quantum Break Delayed till 2016

Yet another big AAA title gets delayed until 2016. Microsoft announced that their highly anticipated title from Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break is no longer slated to release in 2015, rather it has been pushed to 2016 with no date attached. Originally slated to release in 2014, it got pushed to 2015 so yet another significant delay may be a sign for concern. This doesn’t mean that the game will be bad by any stretch of the imagination and there could be multitude of reasons it is getting pushed back but significant delays usually mean the game has some real issues, not just some graphical clean up.

If you are keeping score at home, each one of the big three has a AAA exclusive delayed till 2016. Microsoft made sure to assure fans of the platform not to worry about a lack of games to play this fall as the Xbox One still has the likes of Halo 5, Tomb Raider, and Forza releasing this year. We totally agree that the year still looks strong for video game fans with plenty to play but those looking forward to the action mystery third- person shooter will have to look elsewhere for their fix this year.


Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Second Title to require New 3DS XL 

Other than wanting a sleeker, slightly quicker 3DS, there aren’t too many other reasons to jump on board and upgrade. The only title that required the upgrade is Xenoblade Chronicles, and though that is nothing to scoff at since it is a critically acclaimed title, there is now even more incentive to ditch that old 3DS XL. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will spawn on Xbox One, Wii U , and New 3DS Xl. No official date at the moment, just a bit of a surprise that it is even coming to Nintendo consoles, let alone having to use the New 3DS XL hardware.

It will supposedly feature no censoring so it will be interesting to see how Nintendo will handle its launch since they are a company known to be family friendly.

That is it for today everyone, we hope you got to pre-order all your favorite Amiibo characters and don’t be so down about Quantum Break being delayed. Like always let your thoughts, concerns, and ideas be rebirthed in the comments section below. Stay classy San Diego.

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