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What Are Varys’ True Motivations in the GAME OF THRONES?

While the highborn lords and ladies of Westeros have fought, schemed, and killed for power on Game of Thrones, one character has remained steadfast to serving not himself or his family, but rather the realm itself, Lord Varys. The Master of Whispers has managed to stay alive while many around him have fallen, all while covertly working to install a new leader on the Iron Throne, a monarch who will make life better for the common people.

And now his reward for all his work has placed him right on the hot seat, a seat being warmed by dragonflame.

Last week’s episode saw Daenerys interrogate and threaten Varys who or what it is he truly works for, since he has served one king to the next, until he decided it was time for a new ruler. It was the first time anyone has truly questioned his motives, which until now have always seemed to be consistent with his message about working for the common people.

At the Game of Thrones season seven premiere, actor Conleth Hill talked to us about his character, and what he thinks has driven him throughout the series. Hopefully for Varys the Mother of Dragons takes great stock in what is said on the red carpet, because while she might be wary of her adviser, Hill thinks Varys means what he says when talks of serving the realm.

Varys tried to save Ned Stark’s life, he worked to undercut the dangerous Baelish, he rescued Tyrion Lannister, a man he helped protect two great cities from ruin, and he put together an alliance to help Daenerys Targaryen take the Iron Throne. Plus he might be a mermaid.

After all that it’s hard to imagine he ever thought he’d be on a seat this hot. So for his sake he better be the man he has always sworn to be, because there’s nothing hotter than dragon flame.

What do you think, is Varys the man of the people he claims to be, or is the Mother of Dragons on to him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Images: HBO

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