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GAME OF THRONES to Rule Your World with 60-Hour Marathon, New Site

If you’re anything like us here at Nerdist, you’ve been devouring each and every single Game of Thrones-related tidbit out there in order to satiate your need for a return to Westeros and beyond. Well, allow the fine folks at HBO a mere 60 hours of your time this week and you’ll be able to relive those first three magical seasons all over again — not once, but twice! My eyes hurt just thinking about it (not like that’s ever stopped a devoted binge-watcher), with a two-peat marathon and an all-new, vastly-improved Viewer’s Guide over on The night may be dark and full of terrors, but it looks like you won’t even notice with your eyes glued to all of the screens!

Starting on Friday, April 4th at 9e/p, HBO2 will inhabit the Realm by replaying all three previous seasons, back-to-back, twice (!), taking over every single minute of the weekend until the season four premiere on Sunday at 9/8c on regular HBO. All of this will be amplified by a new design and a bevy of additions to the Game of Thrones Viewer’s Guide — a site set up by the network to help you navigate the many places, people, houses, sigils, and goings-on in the worlds of Westeros and Essos. From The Fist of the First Men, all the way to Mereen, the updated site will include additional levels of zoom on the maps, character bios for every one of George R.R. Martin’s eleventy-billion (give or take) characters that have made their way to the small screen from A Song of Ice and Fire, and even some additional video content so you can consume all of the GoT-related things.

The videos will include episodic deep dives with creators/executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, cast reactions to pivotal moments, and even some video featurettes with context from Martin himself. In addition we’re slated to receive even more behind-the-scenes content — because, really, there are far too many impressive moving parts (both seen and unseen) on this show that deserve recognition.

Who else is looking forward to spending their entire weekend indoors? Tell us how you’re celebrating GoT this weekend — outside of joining the fantasy fantasy league — in the comments!

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  1. TheRentschmeister says:

    Hence the reason on the 6th day, God created the DVR, and he saw that it was good…

  2. Victoria says:

    Guys, do the midnight premier of Captain America. Then you won’t have to choose!

  3. Ben Z says:

    Can’t I just watch them all on HBO Go through one of the many devices it streams through onto my TV at any time?

  4. Eibhlin says:

    Psh. Already seen the season premiere. Perk of living in the same town as GRRM.

  5. Myra says:

    I will be watching for sure. I have been waiting it seems for ever and a day…:D <3

  6. Joe says:

    I’ll be skipping friday to see Captain America. Bad timing…

  7. Anna says: