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GAME OF THRONES Shocker: [Spoiler] May Be Back in Season 5 — Say What?!

Alright well this one is going to have a mighty big spoiler in it, my friends. Mighty big indeed. So if you’re hoping to live a life free of tidbits about the upcoming season of HBO’s adaptation of the George R.R. Martin epic, A Song of Ice and Fire — better known as Game of Thrones to the small screen set — turn away now. Because this? This right here? This is a big one. One that could have major, major implications. So you’ve been warned!

OK, so. Remember last season when Charles Dance’s character, Tywin Lannister, shit the bed (metaphorically speaking) atop the toilet when his son Tyrion shot him with a bow and arrow mid-bowel movement? Yeah, well, apparently you can come back from that. At least that’s what the actor has been insinuating in a recent interview with MTV UK.

“You haven’t seen the last of Tywin Lannister,” Dance stated. Cue the intrigue!

It was a surprising bit of non-secrecy that’s rarely seen in the world of Game of Thrones as Dance went on, “I’m not completely missing out on the new series. More than that I’m not going to say.”

Naturally, the caveat here is this: we’re very likely to see his funeral this season — what with all the machinations that happen in the book while the whole ordeal is taking place — so it could be as simple as all that. Dead Tywin in a box, hangin’ around all the action just like King Joffrey the Reigning Brat of Westeros did while his mom and dad partook in a pretty-rapey bit of dalliance-ing. Or…it could be something even more curious.

What if — and please note that this is a big “if” here, folks — they took the Lady Stoneheart business and turned that into a Tywin thing? Instead of watching Lady Stoneheart gallivant around Westeros looking for vengeance for all her dead children, what if we saw the family-obsessed Tywin doing the same in the name of the Lions of Lannister? The implication of which could have an interesting twist on the story and the bonds of these particular Lanni-characters, given what’s about to go down in the upcoming season. Admittedly, part of us believes that may be what they’re doing with The Mountain — given his ambiguous “ending” last season with the maester workin’ his black magic on him — but that’s more or less just a silly little theory all our own that we’re not 100% convinced on.

Although if that were the case and one of those two came back as a Lord Stoneheart, we would be pretty, pretty annoyed if the series took yet another character storyline made for a woman (cough cough Arianne Martell) and made it a dude-centric storyline. So we’re hoping for the former, more logical explanation. And, hey, that way we’d be likely to get a fun lil’ blooper reel next year of Charles Dance attempting to stay still and staid and, well, dead, while the goofballs that are the actors on Game of Thrones tried to make him break and laugh.

But what do you think, folks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Zacky says:

    Spoiler alert:

    Dance is referring to his body being in the crypt for a few episodes while people pay their respects. At least that’s how it happened in the books. 

  2. ServetheCervantes says:

    The Mountain is brought back by Lord Qyburn the disgraced maester. He practices Necromancy.  Those are the “dark arts ” GM Pycelle refers to earlier. Possibly Oberyn the same route if at all. Stoneheart has to be a female role or it loses studio much of its impact. What about Talisa? Rob Stark’s pregnant wife would still be a badass freaky interpretation of that role. Tywin is back as a body and for definite flashback scenes involving Lanisters. Hasn’t Sean Bean hinted at being back? 

  3. Rhys says:

    I think they’re going to have to do some background stories and that may be why. They have to do something until the next book come out. 

  4. Carl says:

    How did they take away Arianne’s story? We haven’t been to Dorne in the show yet, have we?

  5. Annette Lee says:

    Flashbacks — because we may have some very interesting surprises coming up.  Remember the Mad King had a hissy because the right of “First Night” (where the King beds brides before their respective husbands) was not practiced any longer when he attended Tywin and Joanna’s wedding.  I have a nagging little feeling that the Mad King later raped Joanna and guess what:  I think the Mad King is Tyrion’s daddy.  Tyrion does a lot of recollection during his flight from Westeros after his escape;  those recollections contain subtle and mysterious hints about a whole lot we don’t know.

  6. Spivey says:

    Funeral fer sure. Flashbacks with Cersi and the old witch too. And/or flashbacks with Tyrion, though I don’t recall any in the books, but could help continue to fuel our hatred of Tywin and sympathy for the Imp. 

    • fool says:

      idk about that. there hasn’t been any flash backs in the show so far, I don’t think they’d start now

  7. Claudia says:

    If anyone should come back as Stoneheart it should be Oberyn. It would make more sense, to me anyway.

    • Larissa says:

      My thoughts exactly! Oberyn’ whole deal was about paying debts, at least him and Lady Stoneheart have that, kind of,  in common? ! 

  8. nvictus says:

    funeral. thats it I think.

  9. Jenna says:

    Flashbacks and funeral, that’s all it’ll be. If in the off chance Lady Stoneheart’s story is transferred to Tywin, as god as my witness I will never watch the damned show again. 

  10. jeffication says:

    flashbacks. they already leaked that they were casting for a young cerci, so why couldnt she interact with a makeuped tywin?

  11. Tim says:

    The person who wrote this was probably on milk of the poppy AMIRITE GUYS?!

  12. Jami says:

    A bow and arrow?  LoL

  13. Chris says:

    I’m assuming it’ll be through the funeral and through flashbacks entirely.

  14. Christobooon says:

    wouldn’t work grand northern conspiracy 

  15. ryan says:

    Likely it’ll be the funeral and/or flashback. The mountain will be back eventually,  but it’ll likely not be until season 6 a and it won’t be the mountain. I have a feeling 5 will open with lady stoneheart, and they aren’t going to make that huge of a deviation from the books.

  16. Sheri Moore says:

    IF they make Tywin Lord Stoneheart.. it will be me shitting the bed AND throwing my toys out of the cot. Give the Starks some bloody vengeance!

  17. Beerwolf says:

    I’d bet he’s referring to the Cersei flashback that is supposed to be in season 5.

  18. Rachael says:

    No, no. Just no.