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GAME OF THRONES Re-Throned: “Home” (S6, E2)

Winter is coming, but not soon enough. So to help pass the time until season seven of Game of Thrones, we’re doing a weekly re-watch of the series, episode-by-episode, with the knowledge of what’s to come and—therefore—more information about the unrevealed rich history of events that took place long before the story began. Be warned, though: that means this series is full of spoilers for every season, even beyond the episode itself. So if you haven’t watched all of the show yet immediately get on that and then come back and join us for Game of Thrones Re-Throned.

Because the next best thing to watching new episodes is re-watching old ones.


Season 6, Episode 2: “Home”

Original Air Date: May 1st, 2016
Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Written by: Dave Hill

He’s alive! Jon Snow is alive!


Literally everyone in the world saw it coming, so it wasn’t exactly shocking when it happened. That being said, it’s still nice to have him back.


But who–or what–brought him back? The answer to that isn’t as obvious as it seems. Melisandre prayed to the Lord of Light over his body and Jon opened his eyes moments later, but the preceding scene between her and Ser Davos calls into question exactly who was really responsible for Jon’s resurrection. The answer to that question could have major ramifications in the coming Great War with the White Walkers.

Davos goes to see Melisandre, who is back to her young beautiful form after showing us her real self last week, to ask if she knows any magic that can bring Jon back. She is despondent, having lost the faith that had guided her in life.

“If you want to help him, leave him be,” she says, though she does admit that some have this power. She had seen Thoros of Myr bring Beric Dondarrion back to life, but she tells Davos this ability is “not for me.”


Davos tries giving her a pep talk. “I saw you drink poison that should’ve killed you,” he says. “I saw you give birth to a demon made of shadows.” But the two have completely flipped positions. She says everything she believed in and all of her visions were a lie.

“You were right all along,” says Melisandre, “The Lord never spoke to me.”

Davos’ response is what calls into question who is responsible for what happens next with Jon.

“Fuck him, then. Fuck all of them. I’m not a devout man, obviously. Seven Gods, drowned gods, tree gods, it’s all the same. I’m not asking the Lord of Light for help. I’m asking the woman who showed me that miracles exist.”

Davos doesn’t have any more faith in the Lord of Light than she does right now, but he believes in her, and she did just admit he has been “right all along.”

So though her heart doesn’t seem to be totally in it, she does pray to the Lord of Light to bring Jon back. And even though she prays in High Valyrian, we know from the man who created both the Dothraki and Valyrian languages for the show exactly what she said. David Peterson shared the dialogue on his Tumblr page.

“Zȳhys ōñoso jehikagon Ä€eksiot epi, se gÄ«s hen sȳndrorro jemagon.Zȳhys perzys stepagon Ä€eksio Ōño jorepi, se morghÅ«ltas lȳs qÄ“lÄ«tsos sikagon.Hen sȳndrorro, ōños. Hen ñuqÄ«r, perzys. Hen morghot, glaeson.”

That probably wasn’t helpful, huh? Okay, here’s the translation.

“We ask the Lord to shine his light, and lead a soul out of darkness. We beg the Lord to share his fire, and light a candle that has gone out. From darkness, light. From ashes, fire. From death, life.”

The most obvious choice for why Jon wakes up is that the Lord of Light answered her prayers and brought him back. If true, there are two very different reasons he could have done that. The first is that he simply wanted to restore the faith of one his most devoted followers, by letting Melisandre know he was still with her, and that everything she believed wasn’t a lie.


The other is that Jon is too important to the coming Great War with the dead not to bring him back. He might very well be the Prince That Was Promised, and that would be a far greater reason than worrying about Melisandre’s personal faith.

If this proves to be true it’s one of the most promising signs that the living have a chance to beat the White Walkers. The Great Other, the Walkers’ god, can bring back the dead, and so can the Lord of Light. It’s a fairer fight, one Jon will be there to lead.

The less obvious choice for Jon’s resurrection is that Davos is completely right, and Melisandre’s powers are hers and not any god’s. The world is full of magic, Melisandre might just possess incredible powers no one truly understands, herself included.

If that proves true, it may pose a real problem that Jon just sent her away at a time her abilities could be needed most. Winter is here, and the dead come with it. A powerful, life-giving witch who has dedicated centuries to fighting the darkness would be a nice ally to have at this very moment.

There are incredible forces at play here, and any slight edge could make the difference. We know the Night King can raise the dead to help him fight the living, but we don’t know who raised Jon.

If Melisandre is just a conduit for the Lord of Light her greatest contribution might very well have happened in this episode. But if Davos is right, and her miracles are hers alone, ostracizing her could prove to be disastrous.

But what do you think? Did the Lord of Light bring back Jon, or was it Melisandre? Answer our prayers and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Images: HBO

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