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GAME OF THRONES Pop Culture Banners

Any Game Of Thrones fan worth their Westerosi salt (that’s a thing, right? I shan’t be checking) have thought about what house they’d align with should they ever find themselves in that universe. Do you make your choice based on what each house stands for and convince yourself that you’re honorable enough to fight for the Starks and wouldn’t ever dream of being a money-grubbing Lannister? Or do you choose based on how cool the banners themselves look and make the hard choice between houses Greyjoy, Targaryen, or Bolton?

Yeah, I know the Boltons are messed up and all but you have to admit that it’s a bad-ass and metal-as-hell banner. DeviantArtist Lokiable took things to the next level and made some amazing pop-culture inspired banners that, if these existed in Westeros, make us re-think every battle in GOT’s history.

Looking at the gallery below, there are some hard choices of what house you’d pledge your sword. Rivaling the honor the Starks hold, do you go with House Rogers, Kent or Spock? But if you’re anything like me you look at this list and think who would really come out on top in an all out war and the choice is harder than you’d think. Here are the front runners in my mind. Let’s debate.

House Elric

Pros: Lead by alchemist brothers who can change the state of physical matter and arguably have beaten death from time to time.

Cons: Brotherly bickering.

House Lovecraft

Pros: Can anything defeat the Great Old Ones from the Cthulhu Mythos? Nope

Cons: Can anyone control the Great Old Ones from the Cthulhu Mythos? Also nope.

House Potter

Pros: Seemingly endless amounts of immensely powerful magic.

Cons: Timeturners were never used for anything meaningful, the Elderwand is broken and the most dangerous magic in the world is in a “restricted section” in a school library where the only deterrent as far as we can tell appears to be a set of unlocked saloon style doors. Not world leadership material, ya know?

House Skywalker

Pros: Who are we kidding. You’re reading an article on, you know the pros.

Cons: George R.R. Martin already kills enough people without having Order 66 introduced into this world.

House Banner



House Walker

Pros: A song of Ice and Johnnie Walker Blue sounds like a great story to me!

Cons: None. House of Scotch whisky wins. This was all a ruse! Of course whiskey wins! TO ARMS WITH HOUSE WALKER!

Check out the gallery below and let us know what house you would align with?

HT: DeviantArt:Lokiable


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