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Do These Funko THOR: RAGNAROK Toys Contain a New Villain SPOILER?

It seems that with each comic book film that’s released, a lineup of toys offers clues to potential plot details. This looks to hold true for Thor: Ragnarok as a line of Funko figures includes a Thor villain who has ties to the world-ending Ragnarok from the comics: the giant demon Surtur.

Surtur hails from Muspelheim, the home of fire demons in Norse mythology. With the term “Ragnarok” referring to a war that ends with the death of all the Norse gods, Surtur has the history with the Asgardians and the power level to make that happen. Which would obviously have massive ramifications for not only Thor: Ragnarok, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.


He’s a massive creature who can control fire and uses the Twilight Sword and Eternal Flame of Destruction as weapons on his crusade of destruction. Some story arcs from the comics that could contain clues to his involvement in Thor: Ragnarok involve the Fire Giant joining forces with Loki to attempt to conquer Asgard and Earth. At one point Odin and Surtur find themselves stuck in another dimension where they kill each other over and over again. Only Thor is able to free them both from this violent cycle.

Perhaps it’s not Hela who brings about Ragnarok in Thor’s third solo film outing, but the ruler of Muspelheim? If the rumors are true that Marvel Studios is looking for Thor: Ragnarok to have the same massive impact on the MCU as the disbanding of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then we may be looking at the future destruction of Asgard and possible death of the Mighty Thor.

Have a look at Surtur’s figure for the Pop! Thor Ragnarok S1 line below.

Surtur Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl

Another clue for a conflict between Thor and Surtur comes from a Pop! Vinyl. It’s a simple figure that looks like any other Pop!, but with the added bonus of Thor holding Surtur’s skeletal faceplate in his right hand. Could a scene like this occur near the end of the film when Thor is victorious over the would-be fire ruler? Take a look and see for yourself.

A pack of Thor: Ragnarok Mystery Mini’s include Surtur, along with minis for Gladiator Hulk and Thor, Bruce Banner in civilian clothes, the Grandmaster (who runs the fighting pit that Thor and Hulk find themselves in during the first teaser trailer), Loki, Odin, and more. One character in particular stands out, and it looks to be a Celestial; dressed in all red with a mask covering his face, he stands to Surtur’s left atop the Mystery Mini box. Celestials are some of the oldest and most powerful figures in the Marvel Universe, and fans got their last look at a Celestial in Guardians of the Galaxy when the Collector was telling Star-Lord and Gamora the origin of the universe. A huge Celestial used the Power Stone to wipe out an entire race of aliens. If one appears in Thor: Ragnarok it won’t be good news for the Asgardians.

Thor Ragnarok Mystery Mini S1

GameStop and Hot Topic will have exclusive Mystery Minis that look to switch out characters between each company. For example, one pack includes standard Thor instead of the Odinson in his Gladiator gear and a gray rock-looking figure, while the other inserts primary villain Hela.

Thor Ragnarok Mystery Mini S1 exclusive 1 Thor Ragnarok Mystery Mini S1 exclusive 2

There are also adorable Dorbz (exclusives available at Walgreens, Hot Topic, and Book-A-Million!), Hero Plushies, and Pop! Keychains (exclusives at Hot Topic, Toys “R” Us, Walmart, GameStop, and Target) dedicated to Thor: Ragnarok. Some of the highlights are supporting characters like Valkyrie, who from the trailer appears to be working for the Grandmaster, but we also see versions of the returning stars like Heimdall. Another new villain, Skurge the Executioner, is shown a large gun in each hand.

For the rest of the Funko images, check out the gallery below and let us know in the comments what you think of the possibility that Surtur will make an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok!

Images: Funko and Marvel Comics

Tim Adams is a freelance writer who loves comics and the TV and movies that feature them. Follow him on Twitter!

Dorbz Thor Ragnarok Gladiator
Dorbz Thor Ragnarok
Dorbz Loki Thor Ragnarok
Dorbz Hulk Thor Ragnarok
Dorbz Hela Thor Ragnarok
Thor Ragnarok Plushies
Thor Ragnarok Plushie
Loki Thor Ragnarok Plushie
Gladiator Hulk Thor Ragnarok Plushie
Thor Ragnarok Pop Keychain
Loki Thor Ragnarok Pop Keychain
Gladiator Hulk Thor Ragnarok Pop Keychain
Thor Ragnarok Hulk Pop Keychain
Thor Ragnarok Buzzcut Pop Vinyl
Loki Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl
Hela Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl
Heimdall Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl
Valkyrie Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl
Gladiator Helmet Hulk Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl
Angry Hulk Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl
Bruce Banner Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl
Hela Cape Thor Ragnarok Pop Vinyl


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