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Turns out “teaser” is code for “Wait a day.” Merely 24 hours since seeing the first minute-long bit of espionage silliness that is Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, we’ve been treated to a a full 2 minute 41 second edition of the trailer for “Tom Cruise Hangs Off Of Things Part 5.” And it’s kind of awesome, you guys. While a lot of the footage from the teaser appears again here, with more frames this time so we can actually focus on things, we do get a little bit more information about the plot, and further glimpses of several of the characters.

Alec Baldwin is a good choice to play the government bigwig who’s only too happy to dissolve the IMF (Impossible Missions Force) while Jeremy Renner returns to play William Brandt, the only one on IMF who seems like he COULD be turned to the stooge side. But, we know Brandt better than that, don’t we? Also on deck are Ving Rhames’ Luther Stickell, who was relegated to a cameo in Ghost Protocol but seems to be a full-fledged member again here, and Simon Pegg’s Benji Dunn, the techie turned agent turned suave as frick dude who looks to be Ethan Hunt’s comedy sidekick for the movie, which is A-Okay with us. Added to the cast this time out is Rebecca Ferguson playing the possibly-an-ally/possibly-a-syndicate-member who is a good ol’ ass-kicking femme fatale.

As I wrote yesterday when the teaser dropped, I’m super stoked for this movie, as I am every time an M:I movie comes out. Chris McQuarrie’s turn as director of the ever-changing series of Tom Cruise’s stewardship hits cinemas July 31, IMAX style.

Are you as jazzed as I am about this? Are you as into old timey terms for “excited” as I am too? Let me know below!

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  1. Mattey-cakes says:

    In the motorcycle still and when he’s riding the motorcycle in the clip, it looks like he is wearing a Chris Hardwick wig modeled after his Singled Out doo.

  2. Joefeesh says:

    Oh, that looks pretty good. Apparently this peaks my interest more than some of the other MI films. Huh. It’s a good trailer. Ready or Not was a good choice and it’s used well. To be fair MI tend to be pretty solid action films (apart from MI:2, blergh) and MI:1 was excellent.

  3. V says:

    I am unreasonably excited for this movie.  Mostly because of more Simon Pegg and more Benji.