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FROZEN Gets the 8-Bit Video Game Treatment and If You Don’t Like it Just LET IT GO, Folks

Thought you saw the last of Frozen? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, you mortal fools! How silly and naïve you are to think that the Disney-loving onslaught would ever let this one go (and yes that pun was obviously oh-so intended so just cool yer jets, you’re in for 250 words of this so just lean into it, folks). If anything, we’re in for yearly reminders of this insta-classic story about the beauty of sisterhood, and talking Olafs, and loving yourself despite your perceived “flaws,” so just get used to it now. Breathe in, breathe out, and accept that this is your now. Your future. Your forever. Because just like love, the Internet is an open door (for nostalgia and mash-ups and goofery galore)!

Like this 8-bit video game take on the film. For the first time in forever, the CineFix folks have used their fixer-upper skills to attend to the videographic needs of Elsa, Anna, and Co. in order to delight fans of old things and kids’ movies alike. Because in 8-bit Arendale, there’s no such thing as concealing how you feel — you’ve got to let them know! And that means if you feel like you need to game-ify some reindeer and a coupla singing rocks well then by golly do it.

So — what do you think the other levels of this video game would be? Is there a bonus level where Olaf can go and bask in the summertime sun and not melt away? What about one where Anna stuffs a lot of chocolate in her face? Let us hear your suggestions in the comments.


Image: Cinefix

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  1. Jeff says:

    word.  8 bit?  that’s just Final Fantasy 6 from the SNES with a Frozen theme.  16 bit cinema.  I do give props for the exact rip of the mountain being the one from Final Fantasy 6 where you encounter the Frozen Espser.

  2. Stevo says:

    That was actually pretty bad. I mean sure it should be short, but it come on. 

  3. Luke says:

    2-byte Cinema would be more accurate.

  4. Omega Entity says:

    Elsa is a rehash of Schala from Chrono Trigger, which was a 16-bit game on the SNES. I question whether you would know 8-bit if it bit you on the ass.