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Fox’s LUCIFER Turns on the Charm in 3 New Trailers

Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) couldn’t make it to Halloween this year. But he’ll be coming to Fox soon enough.

This version of Lucifer is inspired by his appearance in Neil Gaiman’s classic Sandman comic book series, wherein the King of Hell abandoned his kingdom out of a desire to move on to something new. Mike Carey went on to write a Lucifer solo comic book series that followed his “retirement” in Los Angeles, where he owned a nightclub.

Fox’s Lucifer is going to greatly differ from Gaiman and Carey’s brand of storytelling. Much like the network’s adaptation of Minority Report, Lucifer is going to be a procedural drama in which the title character teams up with a female detective named Chloe Dancer (Lauren German) to solve homicides in LA.

Basically, it’s an evil version of Castle. There’s even a hint that Lucifer finds Detective Dancer particularly compelling, and I think we can all guess where that’s going to go. The new trailers illustrate how the Lucifer TV series will keep things interesting. In short, he’s an unrepentant bastard who still enjoys bringing the worst out in people. He also appears to have the ability to make the guilty confess their crimes to him. He even manages to seduce his own therapist, Linda Martin (Rachael Harris).

As part of a U.K. distribution deal with Amazon Prime, Fox has also released a new full length trailer for Lucifer that offers a further introduction to this former devil and two of his associates: Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) of the Lilin, and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), an angel who wants Lucifer to resume his rule in Hell.

Lucifer will premiere on Fox in early 2016.

Nerdist readers, are you enticed by Fox’s take on Lucifer? Cast your bones in the comments section below!

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Image Credit: Warner Bros. TV/Fox

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