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This Folk Ode to Dating a Zombie is the Perfect Halloween Song (Premiere)

Every relationship has its baggage. But if you’re dating a zombie, that baggage might be a literal suitcase full of skulls, like the one Langhorne Slim sings about in his hilariously catchy folk song, “Zombie.”

In the music video (directed by Joshua Shoemaker) for his latest single from his forthcoming record, Lost At Last Vol. 1, Langhorne Slim reenacts classic scenes from horror classics like ScreamPsycho, and The Shining as he sings about the travails of dating the living dead. Sure, it’s easy to get cerebral and think about how the song could be a metaphor for an ailing relationship, but I’m pretty certain Slim is singing frankly and sweetly about the practical hangups of courting a real flesh-eating monster.

For instance, at one point he coos, “She only comes out at dark.” Not a great situation! That means there likely won’t be witnesses when she starts gnawing on your brains! At a certain point, you have’ll ask yourself if you can really love someone for who they are after they’ve probably devoured at least a score of living people. But hey, maybe you can. It’s all about compromise.

If you are infatuated with Slim’s voice after listening to “Zombie,” then you can preorder his new record right here before it comes out November 10 via Dualtone. Check out the full tracklist below, and maybe keep an extra careful eye on your significant other this Halloween. It’s feeding season, after all.


Lost At Last Vol. 1 Tracklist:

  1. Life is Confusing
  2. Old Things
  3. House of My Soul (You Light the Rooms)
  4. Ocean City (for May, Jack and Brother Jon)
  5. Private Property
  6. Money Road Shuffle
  7. Never Break
  8. Bluebird
  9. Alligator Girl
  10. Funny Feelin’ (for Junior Kimbrough and Ted Hawkins)
  11. Zombie
  12. Lost This Time
  13. Better Man

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