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Foam Toy Transformed Into Flaming Sword Worthy of Thoros of Myr

The night is dark and full of terrors, which is exactly why the one thing we could all use more than anything else is a sword of fire, just like the one Game of Thrones‘ Thoros of Myr is famous for wielding. “Oh, but how can I acquire an item of such extravagance,” you ask, “I’m not a member of a royal court, or even a high priest of R’hllor!”

Not a problem. You just need some propane and a cheap toy sword made of foam.

This video comes from GoPro, who teamed up with famous internet lunatic The Backyard Scientist to turn a cheap kid’s toy into a burning metal instrument of slicing and dicing.

Implementing a thin, hollow steel rod inside the foam, he then covered the sword in plaster, placed it into a mixture of sand and motor oil, and cast it with molten aluminum, making a real metal sword where the foam toy once stood. He then added holes throughout the sword, and, after cleaning it up and sanding it down, he attached a propane tank to it and lit the whole thing on fire

Whoosh. Homemade fire sword.

Now because he has little regard for his own safety and that of his home, he initially lit it up inside his garage (sigh) before taking it out into the yard to cut up some watermelon’s (somewhere Gallagher is scratching his chin and thinking comeback).

All swords are awesome (that’s a science fact), but swords that are on fire are even better, not only because of the whole night being dark and full of terrors thing, but also because they look freaking awesome.

Just please don’t use one inside.

What other weapon would be better if it were on fire? Light up our comments section with your ideas.

Images: GoPro

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