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Floor Plans of Your Favorite TV Apartments

Deviantartist nikneuk has created some very beautiful schematic renditions of popular television habitats. From Friends to Dexter to Big Bang Theory, many of the most familiar small-screen apartments can be seen in a new top-down view. They’re pretty beautiful as far as blueprints go, and they’re quite handy if you have any plans to create some television-inspired homes for your Sims.

Rachel and Monica’s Apartment: One of the most iconic rent-controlled apartments of the small screen has to be the New York apartment that Monica Gellar inherited from her grandmother. Conveniently located near Central Perk, Monica’s apartment was one of the most important sets in the show’s 10-season run. It briefly changed hands to Joey and Chandler during an intense round of trivia, but the swap did not last long. The apartment was finally given up in the final episode, literally closing the door on New York’s most famous apartment with a view of Ugly Naked Guy.


Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s Apartment: I Love Lucy was the show. It was the first series shot with the three-camera format. Only the second series to depict an on-screen pregnancy, the ratings for the episode featuring the birth of Little Ricky still holds a major record. Granted, when only three channels were available, larger viewership numbers were easier to attain. It’s still no small feat that a show that aired more than 50 years ago still holds such major influence today. Ricky and Lucy’s apartment was supervised by landlords Ethel and Fred, and even in black and white remains an incredibly memorable abode.


Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment: The “show about nothing” from the ’90s was a major leap forward for the sitcom. Conversations on Seinfeld were not all setup-and-punchlines. There was a fair amount of snark and jokes, sure, but Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George were refreshing in their aimlessness. Jerry’s apartment was the most frequent gathering place for the four leads, and featured the inevitable appearance from incorrigible neighbor Newman.


There are plenty more apartment layouts in the gallery below. More schematics, including famous fictional houses like Lorelai Gilmore’s house, The Simpson’s Springfield home and the house from Disney’s Up, can be found at nikneuk’s deviantart gallery. Included blueprints include Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment from Big Bang Theory, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City, Dexter Morgan’s apartment from Dexter, and the Three’s Company apartment housing Jack, Chrissy, and Janet.

[HT: deviantart//nikneuk]


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