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First Pictures of James Franco in Stephen King’s 11.22.63

James Franco is on a mission to save JFK. Yes, that is the plot of the new mini-series he is starring in: 11.22.63. But if there is anyone we would expect to set out on a heroic time-traveling adventure, it would be the multi-talented Franco. (Honestly, what hasn’t he done?) The series is being produced as an original project by Hulu, based on the 850-page novel by Stephen King. Franco plays a history teacher that travels back in time and attempts to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Photos from the series have been released showcasing Franco, as well as co-stars Josh Duhamel and Sarah Gadon, in this mind-bending trip through the early 1960s. Be sure to check out all of them in the gallery below.


Other than proving that Franco looks good in just about any decade, the images also show off what great lengths the production went to recreate the 1963 setting. Then again, with King as a producer on his own adaptation, and a little-known film maker named JJ Abrams involved, one would expect a pretty high level of attention and detail put into the project.

The novel the series is based on follows Jake Epping, a high school history teacher, who learns of a time portal that resides in the pantry of his friend’s diner. The portal transports anyone who uses it back to September 9th, 1958, and the diner’s owner, Al, recruits Jake in his plot to travel back in time and stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Sadly, after making the trip into the past Jake keeps running into situations that stall his progress in Al’s plan. Those road blocks include things like falling in love, trying to track down Lee Harvey Oswald, and even the universe itself attempting to keep history as it was.

Billed as a nine-hour event series, 11.22.63 will premiere on Hulu on February, 15 2016. Yes, it will premiere on President’s Day. Let us know what you think of the pictures, or if you plan to watch the series, in the comments below!

HT: Indiewire

Images: Hulu


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