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First Footage of the Live-Action ATTACK ON TITAN Movie

First, a Subaru commercial gave us a little taste of what a live-action version of uber-popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan might look like. Next, we got a glimpse at the cast in a series of ultra-glossy character posters. Now, it seems that we have our first glimpse at the highly anticipated anime adaptation, and it looks positively terrifying.

Please tell me that the final film will also included a jaunty Japanese man reacting to the footage in real time. (That is my favorite part about Japanese variety shows.)

It should be noted that not all of the footage in question comes from Attack on Titan. The clips shown around the :30 second mark are from Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo, director Shinji Higuchi’s (Neon Genesis Evangelion) live-action short film produced for Studio Ghibli that centers on the titular Giant God Warrior from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. If you can track down the short online, it’s well worth your time. As for the actual Attack on Titan footage, it starts around the :58 second mark.

In case you aren’t familiar with Attack on Titan, the popular series takes place in a steampunk-y world where gigantic cannibalistic monsters known as Titans stalk the earth. Humanity has been decimated, and the survivors live in massive walled-off cities, fighting a neverending war of attrition with these terrible creatures. The film version is being adapted for the big screen by manga creator Hajime Isayama and screenwriter Tomohiro Machiyama, and will be directed by YÅ«suke Watanabe (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods). The film is set to hit Japanese theaters later this summer.

Now, if this works, Marvel will have no excuse not to make their Attack on Titan X Marvel crossover a live-action reality for Phase V.

HT: Dobre Namin

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    wonderfullu Putted up . Kudos and thank you so much
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  2. blackrabbit says:

    the question is: Will they still ship the actors for Levi and Eren?

  3. Ahhhh – Finally a New Season of Iron Chef (Japan) – The Secret Ingredient is ……… People ………

  4. Derek says:

    Just give me more Attack on Titan anime and forget the live action.