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FIREFLY Animated Teaser Is Everything We’ve Always Wanted

It’s been nearly 14 years since Firefly went off the air after only a single season on Fox, but the Browncoats have remained dedicated to seeing the franchise return. Even the Serenity feature film and comic books just aren’t enough to stop the signal. We want to see more Firefly, and one very dedicated fan took it upon himself to make that happen.

Stephen Byrne has posted “The Animated Adventures of Firefly” on YouTube, and it is truly incredible. The video runs just over 30 seconds and it acts as an unofficial pseudo-sequel to Serenity which finds Mal and Inara embracing at last, Jayne using a big damn gun, River kicking ass, Simon literally on the run, and Kaylee on the verge of a very dangerous encounter with a Reaver. Mal also has a very tense reunion with the Operative, a man he previously swore to kill.

Byrne is no ordinary fan. He’s a professional comic book artist who has worked for Marvel and Titan Comics, and he also seems poised to breakout in that industry. Even though the animated teaser promises more animated Firefly to come, it may not be happening any time soon. Byrne has posted a process video for one of the teaser’s most emotional moments: Zoe’s reunion with a holographic recreation of her husband, Wash. It’s a beautiful two-second scene that took quite a bit of work to bring to life! This behind-the-scenes clip was posted back in 2014, so he spent at least two years on the teaser itself.

You can find a few other videos at Byrne’s YouTube channel, but we particularly like his take on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an animated series.

What do you think about Byrne’s animated Firefly and Buffy? Unleash your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image: Stephen Byrne

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