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These Official Tyler Durden Figures Will End Up Owning You

The things you own, he told us, end up owning you. And these figures are, indeed, total ownage. Raise your hand if you thought for a moment that the picture above was an actual photo of Brad Pitt.

Tyler Durden has been a much-requested action figure by toy collectors ever since Fight Club came out in 1999, but until now we’ve only had half-measures: bootleg figures from the far East, and a Funko retro-action 3-3/4″ figure that doesn’t look like Pitt. It’s taken a while for several reasons, but most notably the one-two punch of (a) the film itself being so anti-merchandising that merchandising it was not initially considered, and (b) Brad Pitt used to never, ever allow his likeness to be used on toys. Along with Clint Eastwood, he was considered to be one of the impossible dreams for licencors.

That changed when Hot Toys made Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds. It’s not clear what softened Mr. Pitt’s stance, but we can hazard a guess that perhaps the collectible-loving Quentin Tarantino–who has been made into a toy multiple times–was very persuasive. Or maybe the actor was just holding out for the very best, because Tyler’s not just coming: he’s coming in 12 inches of style.


Courtesy of Korean toy company Blitzway, both Tylers will run you around $249, but they come loaded with accessories. Red Jacket Tyler brings with him some beer, cigarettes, sunglasses, business cards, a gun, a baseball bat, a putter with some golf balls, and even a full free-standing shower. Everything a guy needs for a night on the town beating up friends and vandalizing enemies.


Fur Coat Tyler may sport a bolder buzzcut, but his accessories are more for chilling out. He has a table and chair, more smokes, an ashtray, an airplane safety instruction, and some slightly non-screen scene accessories including Fight Club logo soap and graphic-props that include the custom “FBI warning” on the DVD, the rules of Fight Club, and movie graphics.

If you want both figures, hold out for the special two pack, which contains everything AND a bathrobe, for extra-special sexytime poses…


The first rule about stripping the figure naked and putting him in the bathrobe is that you do not talk about stripping your toys naked and putting them in bathrobes. But it’s Brad Pitt. Who can resist?

Now that he’s making his likeness available, demands for a Seven action figure are sure to follow. I can’t wait to see the head-in-a-box accessory it has to come with. What Brad Pitt figure would make your play-day? Let us know below.

Images: Blitzway

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