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Feast Your Eyes On Peter Dinklage’s Beautiful PIXELS Mullet (And The Memes It Inspired)

Tuesday morning the Internet went downright nutter butters (straight, no chaser) over some newly released photos of Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage rocking a very serious (and seriously amazing) mullet on the set of his latest film, Pixels.

And of course we, collectively, did too. There is so much to behold in even just one quick look at it (let alone the three — count ’em, three! — examples we’ve provided below). That well tailored, sleeveless jumpsuit number; the comically oversized quad-fronted laser cannon/gun thing; those truly luscious locks with their tri-colored bleaching situation; Peter Dinklage has done it again, America. All we can do is be grateful to exist in the same time as he.

Because I mean just look at the goddamn thing:

See? It’s just too good. TOO GOOD, WE SAY!

And he’s not the only one packin’ heat — take a look at his costar Josh Gad, also living that onesie life/dream:

Naturally, this caused the Internet to go apeshit with comedic possibilities. And ape-out they did. Over on Reddit (because of course/where else?), Dinklage became, perhaps, your new favorite celebrity-based meme.




Think you can do one better? Then we beg of you, show off your photoshop prowess in the comments below.

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  1. Did anybody see Knights Of Badassom?

    I’m gonna end up seeing Pixels anyway he looks like a BAWS!!!

  2. Lady MacBeth says:

    Peter Dinklage is my hero.  With or without the onesie.

  3. JoeEmGee323 says:

    Well, he is from New Jersey

    • Lady MacBeth says:

      Joe, darling, I beg you–do not talk smack about Jersey.  Jersey girls are generally much more fearsome than the men, and this one will come and ‘educate’ you on the finer points of the Garden State, if you cannot manage to behave and play nice.  Kisses**

    • CubanMeat says:

      Careful, they can give you hepatitis if they scratch you too.

  4. Brittany says:

    I was super excited for this till I went on IMDB and found out it was for an Adam Sandler movie.