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FARGO Season Three Will Take Place After Season One

All right then, we finally have some information for ya about when Fargo season 3 will take place, and geez dontcha know we’re heading back to a more contemporary time and place.

Entertainment Weekly reports that showrunner Noah Hawley explained season 3 will take place “a couple years after season 1.” The first season took place in 2006, and the current season is a prequel set in 1979. Considering the Fargo tradition of telling a “real story,” any year of the show has to be set, at minimum, in the recent past. Mostly because, as Hawley stated, that’s when “we finally know what really happened.”

So what could all of this mean? Could we see a return of any characters/survivors from season one? What about much older versions of characters from season two? It seems likely—and there’s precedent for it, too.

Season one’s main good cop/protagonist was Molly Solverson who was also seen in season two as a small child. Could Allison Tolman return to Fargo to play Molly again? Her performance in season one was genuinely incredible. And in season two, our main hero’s been Molly’s dad, Lou Solverson, played in his younger days by Patrick Wilson after being played by Keith Carradine in season one. Carradine’s part was small in season one, but was crucial to setting up “the massacre at Sioux Falls.” Could Lou and Molly again be called upon to save the day? Or will it be time for some other police officers to deal with a mountain of bodies?

As far as any potential storyline for season three, all Hawley said was that there will be “connections.” Season one had lots of tie-ins with the movie, and this year had many connections to the first TV installment, but Hawley won’t give any hints about any potential groundwork being laid now. “I think part of the fun is figuring that stuff out and I wouldn’t want to take that away from anybody,” he said.

Naturally, anyone watching this year would be incredibly happy to see old, still alive, still awesome versions of Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) and Karl Weathers (Nick Offerman) in season three (or many of the characters from season one), but we still have two episodes (and a lot more dead people) before we will even know who survives, so we can’t start fantasy casting yet. YET.

What characters or actors would you most like to see return to Fargo in season 3? Geez there we sure would like to see your best ideas in the comments section right below us here.

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