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Farewell, Amy and Rory!

Sad (or happy, depending on your tastes) news from the Doctor Who world today: It looks like the Eleventh Doctor will be bidding goodbye to the Ponds sometime during the next series, Metro and The Guardian report. At the press screening in London of the next Christmas special, “The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe,” Showrunner and evil genius Steven Moffat stated, “The final days for the Ponds will be coming during the next series. Then the Doctor will meet a new friend.” He also said that their story would end “heartbreakingly.”

As a result of this news, the fan base, shockingly, has begun to overreact. (What? We never do that) Some people are probably saying “good riddance” and others are going to never watch the show again. You can’t please everybody all the time, but rotating the characters is what the show was founded on. The beauty about the show is that it’s always changing. Characters come and go at a staggering pace; that Rory and Amy have stuck around this long is a feat in and of itself. Rose only got two series, Martha and Donna only got one each, and even though they were around to be guest star again (in rather shitty episodes, it has to be said) a lot of fans felt the loss. Even in the classic series, most companions only lasted 2-3 years.

Yes, it will be sad to see them go, and knowing Moffat, there’s going to be some tears when the “heartbreaking” end does occur, but Doctor Who is like a river (no pun intended) that’s forever moving. There are people who still resent the fact that the Tenth Doctor regenerated because the show isn’t the same anymore, but then we wouldn’t have the Eleventh. That the news of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill’s departure is being met with such a gut reaction is only testament to the fact that the show and its characters still manage to touch people and their trials and struggles affect them. But we can’t expect everything to stay as-is forever. Just think of this as a test run for one or (hopefully) two years from now when Matt Smith gets ready to leave. Sad or happy, for the show to continue, it has to keep regenerating.

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(Editor’s Note: Here’s a radio interview Karen Gillan gave to the ABC in Australia on Thursday. She doesn’t indicate anything about the news….)

Image: BBC

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  1. Rachel The Timelord says:

    First one real though!

  2. Seijin says:

    Ponds are leaving…. does that mean, Melody Pond too? NOOO DONT TOUCH MY RIVER! (rocks himself)

  3. Nancy says:

    Ugh! Spoilers!

    I didn’t expect this news so soon. Honestly, it is becoming harder & harder to keep spoiler free anymore regarding Doctor Who.

    Anyhow, I trust Moffat. I was a HUGE Tennant fan, but Matt Smith suprisely won me over after 11th hour.

  4. jenny says:

    Like Karen but Amy the companion has worn out her welcome with me. It felt like she was getting a bit whiney or bitchy or something. Funny, I started out disliking Rory and loving Amy and now it’s the complete opposite for me. Hate to see Rory go, but it’s time for new companions.

  5. Crispin says:

    Sad, but we all knew it was coming. The way last series ended it almost seemed that it would be the last for them. I am glad to get at least one more out of them. The characters are, and the actors themselves seem to be great.

  6. Kass says:

    Bummer. I thought we did say goodbye to the Ponds and they were just going to be the people who lived and occasionally said “Hi” to the Doctor. In-law style. At least until after he regenerated again.

    On the plus, side it sounds like more Ponds action than I thought.

  7. Nate says:

    Ah! I’ll definitely miss Rory and Amy — I love Amy and identify quite a bit with Rory, minus the girlfriend-having part — but look forward to who they bring in. Although I wasn’t bummed to see Rose go, I was bummed when Martha went.. but completely pleased with Donna. So, here’s to hoping Amy’s follow-up has that for me as well.

  8. Brian says:

    This bothers me more than I would think it would, but I kind of expected it. Amy and Rory felt different than the other companions, but I guess that’s self-centered, seeing as how Mr. Smith was my doctor.

  9. antiavenger says:

    I think all these “don’t kill them” lines just wraps up that Amy’s likely to die. Honestly, I hope killing them isn’t the heartbreaking side… I really like the Amy character (mostly the character but I’d be lying if i didn’t say Karen’s hotness doesn’t play a role) and Rory is actually a good one too. It will be sad to see them go.

  10. Jackfan12 says:

    No more Rory. So sad.

  11. Jackfan12 says:

    No more Rory, so sad 🙁

  12. Raeann says:

    I will be sad to see them go but thats how it goes with the doctors companions. Just please dont kill them! I’d love to see them come back someday.

  13. John says:

    Companions always leave, but doesn’t mean I’ll have to like it. I loved Amy and Rory surprised me very much by being a kick ass character. It will be sad to seem them go, but that’s how it is with The Doctor.

    Hope they have some awesome adventures before the end.

  14. Scott S says:

    I’m hoping for an alien next time. We’ve had contemporary Earthling companions for a long time now. In fact, Turlough might be the last non-Earthling companion. Where was Mel from?

  15. S. Matthew says:


  16. Augh says:

    Oh awesome, Doctor Who spoilers right on my RSS feed. Thanks, guys!

  17. S. Matthew says:

    I might cry when the ponds they were the first companions I knew

  18. Al says:

    i don’t want to see them go cuz I love them, but sadly it is that time again. it was inevitable, but i’m still looking forward to the future

    cheers to pond and the last centurion

  19. Robin Burks says:

    Steven Moffat has stated that he is very anti-spoilers and yet he gives us this. I don’t get it. I’m not upset or surprised, although I would prefer to keep Rory around awhile longer. Of all three of Matt Smith’s companions, he was by far my favorite.

    So for the next companion, do we get a vote? I’m putting in mine for Chris Hardwick, dressed as the 10th Doctor, sort of a fanboy Doctor companion. I think that would be a riot! Seriously, Mr. Moffat, call me, and we’ll make that happen!

  20. Stuart Kearns says:

    New companion? I vote for Matt Mira!

  21. Hayley says:

    I’m not surprised, it feels like the Amy & Rory’s story has been coming to a close anyways. I just hope “heartbreaking” doesn’t mean they don’t get a happy ending. But it is time for a new companion(s) to shake things up.

  22. Abbey says:

    The only time I was cry worthy sad was when Donna left (as far as companions leaving that is). I wasn’t sad when rose left tbh.

    As long as Amy and Rory don’t die or get split apart (I would rather them die than have to know they aren’t together for whatever reason) then I will be content. Horribly sad, and I will most likely tear up (or ball, lets face it), but content.

    I don’t understand people who call themselves Doctor Who fans, but then get all angry and stop watching the show anytime there is a new doctor/companion. That is what makes Doctor Who so great. Knowing that eventually Matt Smith will be gone, and I will have to learn to love a new doctor makes me enjoy the time where Matt is the Doctor even more.

  23. Jenna says:

    I will be sad to see them go… but having a new companion won’t be too bad, it’s usually just a transition. I was sad to see the previous companions go too. I’m really just distraught (after reading above) that the transition will be heartbreaking. What does that MEAN?!?!? They’re trying to make it worse for us? It was heartbreaking enough when the Doctor left them at their home. *sigh*

  24. Chad H says:

    Rory was my favorite companion, and I liked Amy, but yeah time to move on, I just hope they don’t die or something.

  25. Jim M says:

    I’m already heartbroken by this news. I love Amelia Pond. That being said, I don’t know if I’ve ever cried as hard as I did when we lost Rose. The scene of 10 and her on the beach KILLED me, and then it happened a second time… I can only hold to my trust in the casting that I’ll love the next companion too..

  26. Kevin says:

    This could mean that they leave at the end of the series just like Rose, Martha, and Donna did. Also did anyone really expect them to stay around for a fourth series? I am going to be sad to see them go though, I really like them.

  27. Lisa G says:

    As long as Steven Moffat doesn’t leave. HE is the one I will follow to the ends of the universe.

  28. Filthy says:

    Ok my conspiracy theory, Chris goes to the UK right after he leaves Karen leaves the show. He pulled a friggen’ Yoko!!!!!!!

  29. Lynnsey says:

    What if Moffat decides to kill Amy rather than kill Rory, and that’s the heartbreaking bit? I’ll be sad to see both of them go. I started watching with Matt and Karen, so to see either of them leaving the show is sad for me. But I’m excited to see the next companion! Hopefully, if it’s a woman, she won’t fall in love with the Doctor AGAIN…

  30. Mike says:

    wtf?!? Spoiler. Jesus H.

  31. Stephen Weir says:

    I’m sad to know that Rory and Amy are going to be leaving but I think I’ll get over it. But with new companions on the way I would like to see the doctor with like maybe an orphan girl like in her early twenties who takes care of her younger brother or sister who could be like eleven or twelve.

  32. Eddie says:

    Heartbreaking ending: With Doctor Who, is there really any other kind?

  33. MARK SMITH says:

    I will miss that sexy redhead and the roman. i hope they will make the next companion is american that would be something new

  34. Rachel says:

    I actually thought they were leaving this season. The last two episodes indicated their short lived presence was coming to an end. As stated above the companions do not last long on the Doctor’s good Tardis. I will be sad to see them leave because more than anyone Amy Pond was family to the Doctor but it will be a welcomed addition to see a new face.

  35. Divno says:

    faaaaaaaaack, at what point is it too late to buy a cutout? MOTHER, WE MUST TO GO LONDON! NAOOO

  36. MischaD says:

    Aww…I like them. Especially Rory the Roman! But I know we will see them again sometime in classic Who fashion…after all, we never REALLY say good-bye, do we? Well…unless there’s regeneration involved…then there’s a good-bye…ish.

  37. hotelnerd says:

    I for one will miss them both. Rory, somewhat surprisingly, turned out to be a totally awesome bad ass. I still love his “shall I repeat the question?” line in A Good Man Goes to War. And Amy…well I think I’ll miss her legs the most!

  38. I would be sad to see any Companion go, but companions help define the Doctor, who himself is malleable and changeable (even within the same regeneration). I will miss Amy and Rory when it is their time, but I am curious to see how this Doctor entices…errr invites….errrrr has to deal with a new, already-adult vs child-to-adult companion 🙂

  39. I’m not surprised, really – it’s time for the Doctor to move on.

    (Just don’t kill Rory again. He’s had enough of that.)