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Fans React to GAME OF THRONES’ Shocking Death and We Can Totally Relate

It’s sort of become a thing now, hasn’t it? To force friends to view Game of Thrones‘ most epic and gruesome deaths while simultaneously videotaping their reactions. It started with Ned Stark, became de rigueur once the Red Wedding rolled into town, but still they are far from old. Mostly because every season it seems a new, terrible horror is thrown in our faces in such an epic way, even fans of the book series on which the show is based are likely shocked by the visuality D.B. Weiss and David Benioff (the HBO show’s creators) are able to pull off. It’s an impressive — if gruesome — feat.

Keeping true to that form, Guyism has culled together a video of some of the best reactions to the (SPOILER ALERT, you guys. C’mon.) Oberyn Martell’s head-crunching departure from the Realm of Men. And, yep: it’s pretty great. And it has something for everyone! There’s swearing, disbelief, tears, “is this what this show is like every week?”, shock, horror, and even quite a bit of laughter. (That particular trio of guys might be our favorite of the whole thing.)

It’s a fitting tribute to a crazy, larger-than-life death that has beaten out even the Red Wedding for its insanely gruesome, blood-curdling ending. I mean, let’s be real: no one at the Twins was so inhumane as to use their own bare hands to pop a person’s head like a goddamn zit. They were far more civilized with their knives and arrows.


What was your reaction to Oberyn’s death? Let’s hear ’em in the comments.

HT: Metro

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  1. hans says:

    that was too much for me. I was starting to get less obsessed about got already because there is too much “oh this was is even more cruel than the other!” It goes on and on. Oberyn was one of the few I really liked. This was one wrong move. I’m done with the series

  2. johnny1248 says:

    what the hell is wrong with george martin ? will he ever stop killing our characters we love ?

  3. John Michael says:

    It’s a draw.  😉

  4. Vicki says:

    When the mountain went down and Oberyn circled around him saying he cant die, has to confess etc i was like, dont do it dude, dont! just finish him, he’s gonna get back up….and then Oberyn died….i was a little bit surpised but i knew it was gonna happen (Never read the books)

  5. Steph says:

    Exactly like the people in the video…must’ve kept saying ‘no’ 10 minutes later

  6. GoT=IrL says:

    dumb and dumb…losing interest

  7. Hodor says:

    Meh. Even great action scenes aren’t shocking when you’ve read the books

  8. Yup, had exactly the same reaction! I was in total disbeleif for at least 5 minutes after the credits had rolled!

  9. George Cohen says:

    Is there such a thing as a non-venomous viper?

  10. Pinzo says:

    “It’s a draw?…”
     “It’s not a draw, he’s fucking dead…”


  11. Game of sadness says:

    “No! Nononononono! Why!? Ahhhh!”Utter devastationfollowed by a questioningif why I continue to put myself through this emotional torture.

  12. Ryan says:

    Didn’t read the books and saw that coming.  Literally sat there and said ” This dude has to much swag not to die.”

  13. Rich Kuhaupt says:

    That was messed up. What the hell is wrong with George RRRRRRRR Martin!? It’s clear that there is no point to his books and extension the HBO series. The only thing more sickening are those who genuinely enjoyed seeing such vile savagery. BTW, the Stone Age called and they would like your knuckle-dragging ass back where it belongs… 40,000 years in the past. I’m done.

    • CatOfTheCanals says:

      There is a post to the books. This even ends up having massive repercussions. Everything that you see happening has some kind of important knock on effect. You can’t very well say there’s no point to the books when yo clearly know nothing about them. Use your brain. 

      • Joe Reil says:

        Yep, “no point” is seeing only this in a vacuum. A lot of later stuff happens directly and indirectly because of the outcome of this fight.

    • Pinzo says:

      Do you know the story of the Hydra???

  14. Hubris… Terrible thing. I wanted Oberyn to win so badly!

  15. I’ve been crying since Sunday. Oberyn was my favorite in the show and books. I didn’t cry as hard in the book because I couldn’t picture it as well as it was realized. Can’t handle, gonna go sob for days.

  16. amoakopoku says:

    “it’s a draw?”

    “it can’t be he’s fucking dead”


  17. cathasach says:

    This is what George R. R. Martin does… he gives us a taste a victory and actually convinces is it will happen and then bursts our bubble like the Mountain did to Viper’s head… every. single. time.

  18. anthony robles says:

    lol…2 much talk viper! u was supposed 2 chop chop the mountain…lol!

  19. Brenda says:

    Lost my voice from screaming.  Omg. 

  20. Ed Dexter says:

    Fatality! Mountain wins!

  21. Will says:

    I think the worst part about it is that he goes from confident avenger to screaming in agony to an unrecognizable death in a matter of seconds.  Even if he was killed, killing the mountain no one can now recognize him…that blood though…

  22. Mark says:

    That’s what I’ve been saying since the end of Sunday. Worse than the Red Wedding.