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Fan-Made DOCTOR WHO Trailer Makes Us Really Excited

We know the date of Doctor Who Series 8’s premiere will be one of the five Saturdays in August, and we got a 15 second teaser image to prove it, but strange as it may seem, we’re not entirely satisfied with that tiny amount of not-trailer. Luckily, editor and YouTuber John Smith, the same fellow who made that incredibly impressive “Wholock” video last year, is stretching his special effects and video-manipulating muscles for a new trailer, entitled “Rain.”

There have only been a few short minutes of Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi onscreen during the finale of the 2013 Christmas special, and none of that was particularly calming, so Smith had to start basically from scratch to get Capaldi to walk calmly out of the TARDIS and beckon Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman. It’s a pretty phenomenal bit of work, really.

As it says at the end, Doctor Who will be back on our screens in August at which time there will be lots and lots of footage of Doctor Number Twelve for editors to make into different things, likely a team-up with various other Doctors. It’s a thing the internet likes to do. If the above is any indication, this guy deserves to be working on movies ASAP. You hear that, Hollywood?

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  1. DiHard11 says:

    FYI: here is the making of video:

  2. Awe I cant wait to see the new episodes….so excited but sad cuz Matt won’t be there…oh well maybe the new doctor will be just as good or better but I doubt it

  3. robert evans says:

    I’m sorry to say this but this puts the actual trailer to shame…ITS AWESOME!  Now you’re telling me its a fan made one? Ye gods BBC, sign this guy up!

  4. j says:

    its number 14 actually if anyone cared to have watched the 50th year special’

  5. C1D says:

    gives me time to watch 24 in full once it completes.

  6. Ken O says:

    It is the very beautiful scenes from a short video clip of the 12th Doctor *S*

  7. Ange says:

    David Tennant please come back

  8. Shannon says:

    For a fan made trailer…I can’t even tell!! It blew me away and it looks soooo good you can’t help but get so exited!!!

  9. Totally amazingly Brilliant . would be awesome to see teh BBC  Hire this person .  that had a hollywood feel to it. 

  10. Lazzalady says:

    Simple but stylish and beautiful. It captures the wonder.  I have watched it many times already!

  11. Alba says:

    You should check out Peter Capaldi’s resume, John Smith 🙂

  12. I’m still sort of in denial that it’s fan made lol. Colored rain, are you kidding me? BBC needs to borrow this idea! Music is wonderbar! 

  13. Andrew says:

    I didn’t read the article, I just watched the video, but as soon as it started I immediately guessed this was by John Smith.  He has done other series trailers in the past as well, the style and quality is unique in terms of “fan made” trailers which is why it was so obviously his work.

    I’m off to look for the “breakdown” video he normally releases to accompany each video, as it’s really interesting to see how he does it.

    Can’t wait for the new series.  Capaldi will be brilliant.

  14. Jeff Moulton says:

    I love that the video was made by John Smith, or was that “John Smith”?

  15. Wesley Marshall says:

    BBC hire this guy! He should be paid for his craft! He’s so good!!!

  16. Kyle Jones says:

    This is amazing.  I had to post it on my own site, too.  Can’t wait.  

  17. Shame that somebody is making money from this trailer… Youtube advertising on an unauthorised use of a BBC series… call the copyright cops.

  18. mari_someway says:


  19. Cameron F says:

    Just lovely!

  20. I love this trailer and knowing it was Fan made makes this fangirl even happier!!!!!!!!!

  21. Yes – I like!
    It doesn’t take much to make a Whovian happy – 
    The entirety of time and space will suffice. 

  22. Amber Pack says:

    having a new doctor every few years takes getting used to. A lot like my love life. As soon as I get used to them , they are out and I gotta start over!