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Fallon And Leno Sing About “Tonight Show” Rumors


Last night, Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno did a bit addressing the controversy over the rumors that Fallon will replace Leno on NBC’s The Tonight Show: a musical number that appeared between the shows, based on West Side Story. At least they’re having fun with it.

If the above doesn’t work in your country, maybe this one will (I don’t know):

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  1. Joxua says:

    Haha agreed. If only hypothetical situations like that were more common 🙂

  2. Patty Marvel says:

    @Joxua – And I totally agree with that. However, the hypothetical exchange / disagreement you posted is WAY more civil then the kind I was referring to.

  3. Joxua says:

    So all comments are supposed be “yes men” type comments? How are people supposed to create or find out about anything new then? The way I see it is that if everyone goes

    “Hey, I like Fallon.”
    “Me too.”

    Or it could go
    “Hey, I like Fallon.”
    “That’s cool. I don’t get it. Have you seen Ferguson?”
    “No. What’s he like? Have you seen this video of Fallon’s it’s one of his funnier bits?”

  4. Patty Marvel says:

    @Illusion-XIII – I’ve compared that behavior to someone going up to a random stranger at a party, saying, “I hate your tie,” and then wandering off. You don’t HAVE to like everyone’s tie, but why make a point of going through the trouble of saying that to a stranger? It’s just weird.

  5. Illusion-XIII says:

    It’s not so much saying that people aren’t entitled to share their opinion, but it does often strike me how odd it is that people feel the need to sound off and point out that they don’t like something as a comment to that very thing. If you don’t like Jimmy Fallon, why even be on this page? Why watch the video? It seems like people go out of their way to poke their head in on things that other people like just to let them know “I’m not one of you.” As @WWP eloquently put it, it comes off like a cry for attention. There are many, many celebrities, TV shows, musicians, etc. that I’m not fond of, and I don’t feel any need to let their fans know that I exist. I just don’t watch/read/listen to them, and find better ways to occupy my time (like responding to comments in discussion boards, which clearly is a much better occupation).

  6. Joxua says:


    Yea, why share opinions at all?

  7. Nate says:

    Wow, that bit actually made me feel a little bit sympathetic for Jay Leno, which I wouldn’t have thought possible.

    But I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people insist on dropping in on internet discussions to boldly say, “Meh, this whole category of things is not for me.”

  8. Patty Marvel says:

    @WWP – I like the cut of your jib, good sir or madam!

  9. Atticus says:

    Mm one unfunny guy possibly being replaced with another unfunny guy. The laws of equivalent exchange works! Excelsior.

    (for the record obviously both hosts are successful their brand of humor just isn’t for me.)

  10. That was full of awesome!

  11. KamenWeaver says:

    You know at first when Fallon took over, I was not a fan. But I saw that he was working hard and doing a lot of new things and eventually he won me over, now I enjoy his late night show. Leno on the other hand I dunno, the whole Conan debacle left a very bad taste in my mouth with him. That being said I think this bit was brilliant, and a great way to handle all of the rumors.

  12. WWP says:

    Erik, that’s a hard question to answer without doing a nation-wide poll. But if you’ll take some advice: don’t be so needy. It’s OK not to like something, Be proud. Be willing to stand alone if you are are. You don’t need to bolster or validate your opinion with those of total strangers. Sure, they may hate also Jimmy Fallon, but maybe they also like to drown kittens in their spare time as well. Be willing to stand up on your own two feet and just say, I don’t think Jimmy Fallon is funny. So there.

  13. Errk says:

    I am sorry, but am I the only person in this world who does not find Jimmy Fallon funny in the slightest?