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Ezra Bridger Takes the Spotlight in the Latest STAR WARS REBELS Short

Ezra Bridger is the kid of Star Wars Rebels. He’s the character we’ll follow as viewers to gain an understanding of the galaxy and the Empire. Ezra, voiced by Taylor Gray, has been called the street rat of the series and there are definitely some similarities to Disney’s Aladdin. Ezra’s surviving on the planet Lothal on his own and doing whatever he can to get by. And as you’ll see in the latest Rebels short, “Not What You Think,” sometimes that includes getting a leg up on the Empire.

While walking in a field inspired by Ralph McQuarrie art, Ezra spots a TIE fighter coming in hot. He takes advantage of the opportunity at hand without hesitating which says more than a few things about his personality. He pretends to assist the Imperial pilot while he relieves him of a few items. It’s all really quite amusing.

Ezra marching across the field while wearing the TIE fighter pilot’s helmet is my new favorite thing. So much of his attitude and humor is on display, and it’s all endearing. While you can see his savvy and street smarts in action, he still acts like a kid and comes across as youthful. I like that mix.

The short also showed off two other points about Ezra I think people have been wondering about: his Force sensitivity and his slingshot. We see his Force ability in action when he dodges the pilot’s shots. Anyone without his reflexes would have been toast, and those reflexes probably helped him hit the pilot with his electrifying slingshot. It’s a cool weapon design, and I’m ready to buy the toy version now.

What did you think of the latest Star Wars Rebels short? Let us know in the comments.

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