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Extremely Detailed PORTAL Bedroom Takes the Cake

The cake may be a lie, but this room sure isn’t. Along with his wife, Randy Slavey from Geek Dad recreated an incredibly detailed Portal room for his son’s birthday because it’s his favorite game. Straight out of Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center, the room is decked out with top-of the line lighting, cube, and even some portals. Proceed at your own risk.


Randy also did everyone the favor of documenting his grueling approach–including having to paint 255 circles– in case you want to cultivate your own testing chamber. I won’t bog you down with all the details involved, instead here’s a quick summary of what went down: demolition, paint (lots of paint), mirrors to create the illusion of portals, using a projector to sketch signs, and plenty of elbow grease.

The room was finished-up with extra details, like the surprising revelation under a desk that the cake was indeed a lie all along.


As if this didn’t already place Randy and his wife in the Parent Hall of Fame (completely made up), they also took their son out to play at the nearest Penny Arcade, where they spent the day playing classic cabinets like Galaga. Plus, there was cake involved despite what the image above would lead you to believe. They both get two thumbs-up for kicking-ass.

For a full look at the room, check out the gallery below. It’s great that gamers are now fully grown, and getting to share their love for all things nerdy with their their kin.

What do you think about this Portal-inspired room? What other game influenced room would you like to live in? Let us know in the comments section below.


Image Credit: Randy Slavey 


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