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Terrifying FALLOUT Photo Manipulations Are Too Realistic

Artist Alfred Khamidullin has taken it upon himself to create some extremely eerie images, implanting different objects and foes from the Fallout franchise into varying real-world locations. The results are both impressive and terrifying.


Look at this Deathclaw, would you want to run into that out in the wild? I most certainly wouldn’t even go near that thing, not even with a 10-foot pole. Maybe abandoned buildings should have these photos posted on their doors to discourage trespassers. I’ve never quite understood the appeal of entering a building devoid of humans, but these images would surely make those that are interested think twice before venturing in. Seriously, don’t enter potentially dangerous locations for fun, nothing good can come of it.

Living in a world where these creatures freely roam the lands sounds completely terrifying. Sure, taking these creatures down in the games is part of the fun, but that’s in a video game where you know these monsters aren’t able to escape the confines of your television (or monitor) screen.

Other than making us realize how scary these beasts actually are, these images also remind us that Fallout 4 is just around the corner. The anticipation for Bethesda’s title grows stronger with every passing day.

Feast your eyes on the gallery below, featuring more of these photo manipulations.

Do you like the creepiness you see? What other games would you like to get the same treatment? Let us know in the comments below. If you like Alfred’s work, make sure to check out the rest of the images, and take a gander at his Deviant Art page.

Image Credit: Alfred Khamidullin,  Hieronymous7Z


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