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Explore The TARDIS With Google Maps


Okay, this is the Best Google Maps Easter Egg Ever. Bar none.

Here’s what you do, and thanks to Jalopnik and TechCrunch for pointing this out:

1. Go here.

2. Move your cursor and look for the arrows on the street. The double arrows? Click them.

3. You’re INSIDE THE TARDIS! You can wander around a little, too.

Yes. This is WAY too cool for words. so I’ll let you go explore. (If you’re in the Google Maps UI beta, TechCrunch advises that you should hit the up arrow on your keyboard, because you won’t get the double arrow the usual way. And if you have the new Google Maps interface and it just won’t work, try it in private browsing or incognito mode to get back to the old interface.) Wait, you’re still here? And you call yourself a Doctor Who fan. Go!




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else notice that when you leave, it disappears?

  2. J says:

    It is not AMAZING. IF one is going to blog about this they should state that it is not the entire TARDIS. The TARDIS has lots of rooms within. Next time be more specific. I can see more of the rooms just by watching the show!

    • DeterminedGeek says:

      The point is that you can roam around the TARDIS freely, and that Google actually put it in is hilarious. 

  3. SuperWhoLock says:

    Omg this is amazinggg! o0o

  4. Flyer says:

    I checked it out, and it is SO amazing.  I assumed you could only take a few steps around the console room, but you can walk around the ENTIRE room!  And so detailed!

  5. Allen says:

    Which one’s the wibbly lever?

  6. Tim says:

    How much fun would it be to get to travel with the doctor!


  7. michaelalexkawa says:

    Very cool !!!!

  8. sherry says:


  9. Ariadna the police box itself is physically there on Earls Court Road.

    But the inside is the Dr Who. TV set and is actually at the TV Studios in Wales.

  10. Ariadna says:

    I don’t understand. Is that a real place? Is it a joke?

  11. Lisa Redpath says:

    If you type in EARLS COURT LONDON POLICE BOX it will come up with a photo of the inside of the tardis in the left column. Just click this and you will get inside

  12. Ajay says:

    I had issues with it however after I clicked on a location on it street then came nearer to the blue box the double arrows appeared and that i was in. Very cool!

  13. LAT7A says:

    Does not seem to work with the *New* version of google maps. (at least I couldn’t get it) Go to settings and switch to ‘classic maps’ and it will work fine.