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Exclusive: Super Cute Twin Cosplayers Chieko & Chihiro

Cosplay is an fantastic way to express yourself and show off your love of fandom. Kid cosplay is becoming more and more prevalent at conventions, and parents are pulling out all the stops to create incredible family cosplay.

Two kids who always dress to impress are twin girls Chihiro and Chieko. At just 7 years old they have the world of cosplay down pat. Their exquisite outfits are screen accurate and when you ask for a picture you always get a perfect camera pose for just the right photo. Last week they were the talk of WonderCon in their absolutely perfect Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon and GoGo Tamago cosplay.

Chihiro Chieko Big Hero-04102015

Parents are a huge support system for kid cosplayers and the girls’ parents are no exception. They take time to reference photos, find props at thrift stores that can be altered to match the cosplay, and use foam and fabric to get every detail just right. The girls’ Doctor Who Weeping Angels outfits were so realistic that con-goers thought they were actual statues.

I spoke with the girls’ parents about their creative process and how the kids feel about being the center of attention at Cons. While the girls don’t like to reveal what they’re wearing until they hit the Con floor, they clued me in on their plans for next week’s Star Wars Celebration and it’s going to be amazing. Be sure to look for Chihiro and Chieko in very special outfits at Celebration; it will most certainly be another show stopping cosplay.

Nerdist: How long have the girls been doing cosplay?

Chihiro & Chieko: We went to SDCC 2011 and we dressed them up as twin supergirls. They were only 3-years old then. It was store bought but we did a little bit of alteration. We just thought that it would be fun to dress them up at Comic-Con.

N: Do you make costumes for a living and how long does it take you to make?

CC: My mother-in-law makes wedding dresses so she knows a little bit about sewing. My time in art school helps me imagine how to make props.

It really depends on the costume and free time we have. What takes the longest is just looking for reference pics. We also look for tutorials that might work for the costume that we’re planning to make. After figuring everything out it will take us about a week to make a costume.

N: What was the most difficult challenge you’ve come across, as far as making the costumes?

CC: I think the most difficult one was their Big Hero 6 costume (Gogo Tomago & Honey Lemon). It was our first time doing armor and I didn’t have all the tools when we first started the costume. All I can say is rotary tool/dremel is a must if you are making EVA foam armor.

N: I’m sure the girls get stopped constantly for pictures on the Con floor, do they mind it or do they enjoy it?

CC: They enjoy walking the con floor and posing for pictures but just like any other kids they do get tired. Of course buying toys at the exhibit hall helps them get energized.

N: What kind of reactions do you get from people at Cons? I love their Weeping Angels, adorable yet so scary.

CC: So far people like their costumes. The Weeping Angels made people do a double take because they really looked like statues from a far. With the X-Men Mystique costume, the adults loved it and they asked for their kids to take a pic with Chihiro and Chieko but you could tell the kids were terrified to take pics with little blue, yellow-eyed baby Mystiques.

3CC Mystique-04102015

To keep up with Chihiro and Chieko’s newest cosplay follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you dress up with your family at conventions? Let us know in the comments below!


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