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The Coolest Cosplay We Saw at WonderCon 2015

Tens of thousands of fans roamed the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center at WonderCon last weekend, and a decent number of those fans were in costume. The fountain and the small grassy area in front of the convention center were continually filled with cosplay groups and individuals taking advantage of the prettier backgrounds for photos. I spent most of my time inside the convention center though so my images feature sexy backgrounds like walls and convention aisles. Hey, you can’t win them all.

The most popular cosplay I saw over the weekend was Peggy Carter, particularly the blue dress suit and red hat. Peggy cosplayers seemed to be everywhere, and it was delightful. I also spotted a very creative BB-8 costume (see BB-8 on the move in this video), some stunning Disney princesses and villains, and LEGO minifigs. And just look at this Adventure Time group:

Flip through the gallery below and be amazed. Keep in mind these pictures represent only a very small percentage of the costumes at the convention. I could have easily spent most of the three days taking pictures of cosplayers.


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