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Exclusive: Peep These GREEN LANTERN CORPS, Vol. 3 Scripts and Sketches

Did you think we were only going to have one DC exclusive for you this week? C’mon – it’s the holidays! ‘Tis better to give than to receive, so in honor of the impending release of Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 3: Will Power this Wednesday, December 4, we have a treasure trove of exclusive Fernando Pasarin pencil sketches and Peter Tomasi script pages to give you an in-depth look at how Green Lantern Corps goes from concept to comic book. So, without further ado, check out this exclusive images courtesy of our friends at DC Comics, ya poozers!


GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-9 copy

GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-10 copy

GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-11 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-12 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-13 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-14 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-15 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-16 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-17 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-18 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-19 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-20 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-21 copy GLCROPWP_8pg_extras-26 copy

Pretty nifty, huh? Here’s the official description:


The Green Lantern Corps face their greatest threat ever when the Guardians deem them obsolete and raise The Third Army—but in doing so they unleash a far more dangerous threat: the First Lantern. Then, in the aftermath of their battle against the First Lantern and the Guardians, it’s up to Guy Gardner, John Stewart and the other survivors to try to put the Corps back together, or decide if there should even BE a Corps anymore. Join Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin for the epic conclusion of their run in these stories from GREEN LANTERN CORPS #15-20 and GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #1! – See more at:

Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 3: Will Power drops this Wednesday, December 4th. What do you think? Have you been enjoying Peter Tomasi’s run? Let us know in the comments below or use your willpower and tweet me.

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