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Exclusive: Patton Oswalt Makes Any Movie an Indie Movie with the INDIEIZER

Come March 1st, comedian Patton Oswalt will lead us in a celebration of all things independent film when he hosts the Film Independent Spirit Awards on IFC on March 1st, but now he has a revolutionary way to apply the selfsame independent spirit that the awards show celebrates to some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. With a brand new device known as the INDIEIZER (patent pending), Oswalt has figured out a way to metamorphose big budget popcorn fare into heartfelt, hard-hitting indie flicks that will be the talk of every vintage hair salon-cum-vintage cocktail bar, organic falafel truck, and $9-latte-slinging fair-trade coffee shop across the land. Better bust out your mustache wax for this one, because I’m predicting some major handlebar mustache twirling in your immediate future.

Seriously, though, how much better is The Lone Ranger as mumblecore? Plus, it’s hard to go wrong when you have the 5 Second Films team involved. In any event, you independent spirits, you can catch Patton Oswalt hosting the Film Independent Spirit Awards on IFC, March 1st at 10 PM.

What do you think? What other movie would you like to see Indieized? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Haha, good stuff, guys! 😀

    I wonder what TRON Legacy or The Matrix would look like once Indieized, for the challenge. But as my favourite movie, what would Back to the Future look like…?