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Exciting New STAR WARS EPISODE VIII Details Revealed!

We may be under two months away from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but our hearts still yearn for Star Wars: Episode VIII scoops! If history is any indication, we’ll probably get the first Episode VIII teaser trailer shortly before Rogue One hits theaters. But to tide us over, today’s Nerdist News is looking at three very promising Episode VIII rumors that may set the galaxy on fire.

Before we go any further, we have to throw up a big SPOILER WARNING. There’s no guarantee that these potential scoops are 100% true, but if they are and you are spoiler-sensitive, you may want to avoid them.

Join Nerdist News host and voice of the Resistance, Jessica Chobot, as she looks at two key rumors surrounding our man, Finn, before leaping into one of the biggest mysteries of The Force Awakens. All three of these stories appear courtesy of the usually reliable, Making Star Wars rumor site. In the first rumor, it appears that bacta tech has considerably advanced in the three decades since The Empire Strikes Back. This is very good news for Finn, after taking some nasty lightsaber wounds during his fight with Kylo Ren in the previous movie. But it ain’t all smooth sailing for Finn! The second report indicates that he will have to go up against “the Executioner,” a badass super stormtrooper who may make Finn wish that he was still getting his ass kicked by internet sensation, TR-8R/FN-2199.

Finally, Daisy Ridley herself has teased that we’re finally going to learn who Rey’s parents are in Episode VIII. Let the speculation continue!

How do you feel about the latest round of Star Wars rumors? Fire up your lightsabers and let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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