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EVO v. iPhone in a 4G Battlecage!

The EVO 4G. The new superphone. This Android-runnin’, 4.3”-screen-packin’, dual-camera-totin’, mobile-hotspot-routin’ monster is proof that while the iPhone might still hold the upper hand (first quarter sales numbers aside), the rest of the world is catching up quickly. With the HTC EVO and the new 4G iPhone both due this year, we might be in store for a serious head-to-head between the most high-powered Android and iPhone devices yet. That can only mean one thing: THUNDERDOME.

So, how will the two compare? There are a few features that will be offered equally by the iPhone 4G and the EVO, such as front-facing cameras. Mobile video chatting looks to be the new big feature, which will not only make you feel like you’re Dick Tracy, but will also make the conversations of that one girl who talks on her phone really loud on the bus that much more public. The EVO will also allow you to talk and download simultaneously, a feature that AT&T crows about often in their advertising and won’t be able to claim solely for themselves anymore.

For now, the EVO has the upper hand in features, as the Sprint network will give it WiMAX capability and 4G mobile hotspot capability for up to eight devices (like a mega MiFi with 4G). However, the price point might scare some people away…Sprint will be requiring a $10 monthly payment for 4G use. So far, there’s been no indication as to whether AT&T will follow suit. Only time will tell if HTC has actually outplayed Apple in this round, but one thing is certain: Sprint and AT&T subscribers will be eagerly awaiting these releases.

Verizon subscribers, meanwhile, will cry quietly in a corner.

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  1. uhhuhher says:

    Don’t think we’ll see AT&T charging anything for 4G since they can barely provide service via 3G at this point. Sprint is so far ahead of the others with WiMax, and the soon to be added LTE, that I can’t imagine any other carrier catching them for a several years. If the new iPhone is really called iphone 4G, it better be on Sprint network.

  2. todraw says:

    From what i see, the design of this phone looks much cooler then the one of the iphone, also i tested one of the droid mobile phones in a store, they work smooth!^^

  3. NeuroMan42 says:

    A friend of mine recently dumper her iPhone to get a Droid. She said it was the BEST thing she has done. She even has other iPhone kool-aid drinkers ditching theirs now too.

  4. A says:

    First of all, it is not an iPhone 4G. The new iPhone will still be running on a 3G network. The 3G in iPhone 3G and 3GS refers to the network, not the iteration of the handset itself.

    Secod, Sprint is charging and extra $10 for 4G data access, but their baseline unlimited plans cost less than AT&T’s. So, it is quite possible that you could still be paying less on Sprint even with the extra fee to access the much faster 4G network.

    Finally, Verizon users hve little to cry about, as thy currently hve the Drois Incredible, which is arguably the best smartphone currently on the market. New Verizon phones have not yet been announced, but it would be silly to think that none will be released this summer and throughout the latter half of the year.

  5. Kristle says:

    i agree that even with the extra $10 a month through sprint its a better deal. Especially for those of us here in the midwest. AT&T is Crappy here unless you are right in the middle of the city and never leave it, and when u live here u have to leave the city now and then, even to travel. AT&T looses signal way to much. Plus AT&T doesnt allow you to insure your phone so if it breaks your screwed and have to spend $500 for a new iPhone. Sprint only charges $100 to replace your broken smart phone. Now, lets just see how fast this 4G network gets up and running.

  6. hammy says:

    “iPhone 4G” is an unnofficial term for the fourth generation iPhone. It will NOT have 4G (WIMAX) capabilities, it will be a 3G phone.

    The EVO 4G is a whole other ball game running on 4G (WiMax). Unfortunately the 4G areas are limited… and there is the whole sprint thing.

    Either way, the point is moot because we are all locked on AT&T contracts until 2011 since all of us nerds have an iPhone 3GS already? right? right?

  7. joe says:

    its possibly confirmed for sure sort of most likely that iPhone 4G wont be announced this June as Jobs wants the focus on iPad and both the 4g and 4G iPhone will be out next year June-ish… not sure if I believe this but its out there on teh web somewhere… looks super reliable to me!!

  8. CassCost says:

    Yay new contributor! Love the concise and casual article. I’ve been with Verizon for over a decade now, am as happy as a cell phone customer could be with their service, and even I am tempted to jump ship in order to get my hands on one of those fantastic new toys. Verizon needs to get on the ball.

  9. Andy N says:

    @Joe: here’s a link to a video with some EVO demos, they do show 3G capability in addition to the 4G demonstrations. It looks about the same, maybe slightly faster than AT&T:

    @Horton: it’s true that with the iPhone we’re running on a LOT of rumors right now. If the Gizmodo leak ( is to be trusted, then the front-facing camera looks real for now, although a lot can change between now and release. For example, a camera on the iPod Touch has been talked about for a while now, but kept getting scrapped (although new leaks show a camera on that too).

    @theRooD: Again, running on mostly rumors, but AT&T did indicate (at the MWC, I think) that they would be rolling out a 4G network either late this year or in 2011, so depending on the release of the iPhone, it could be on a 4G network. But of course that’s speculation. People mostly just like to call it the iPhone 4G. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

  10. Drewbles says:

    Verizon needs a comparable phone SOON the droid, HTC incredible and others are all well and good, but have various kinks and limitations.
    p.s. nice work andy N.

  11. Horton says:

    Nice article! I can’t wait for more!
    But I really do think that you should mention that the front-facing camera in the iPhone 4G is merely a rumor. It’s not for certain… yet.

  12. theRooD says:

    One thing that should be made very clear is that the “4G” in iPhone 4G has nothing to do with the “4G” in Evo 4G. The iPhone is the 4th GENERATION OF THE iPhone, but still runs on ATT’s 3G network. The Evo runs on a 4th Generation NETWORK (where available, anyway).

    Since I am already a very happy Sprint customer with a sizeable discount from my employer, and I live in a 4G market, the choice is pretty simple to me.

  13. Andrea says:

    Even with the $10 charge for 4G coverage (which most subscribers don’t have to worry about, as 4G is making a limited debut for a while and the phone plays well with 3G, anyway) AND even though there’s a $29.99/ month fee for the data tethering feature, I feel as though Sprint gives you a much better deal for a much cooler phone. Overall, Sprint is the way to go for smartphones, anyway, as AT&T charges you out the ass for a family plan with all smartphones, even if they aren’t Blackberrys (I’m not sure as to the plural of that one). Yes, the iPhone is sexy as all get out, but you can customize the CRAP out of an Android phone and get a bunch more apps (even if they are a bit buggy).

  14. Erik says:

    I looked into the 4G when Sprint was offering the free Mifi routers with iPads at Best Buys. They don’t offer 4G coverage in Silicon Valley. Why can’t the nerdiest place in the US enjoy awesome broadband?

  15. Llaffer says:

    I’m really looking forward to the EVO, I plan on getting one as soon as it can be afforded.

    Though they are charging an extra $30/month for the capability of being a WiFi hotspot. At that price, it won’t be a feature that I’ll be using, unless I can turn it on for a month here and there for vacations.

    Will be intersting to see if AT&T will be charging extra for their rumored teathering features in iPhone OS 4

  16. Nando says:

    I would love an EVO 4G phone. Still, we haven’t seen the official final iPhone 4G specs and stuff. Things might change.

  17. Joe says:

    I am very very interested in this phone… BUT we have to be clear here, 4G is nowhere near ready for primetime, and if Sprint is charging for it in place like Los Frickin’ Angeles, theres a problem.. its not here, nor will it be for about a year, then only spotty… anyone that uses the 3G here now knows that in the most painful way. I would LOVE to hear how this phone works in the 3G markets that are the current dominate area for most users… my contract with AT&T is up just in time fro iPhone4 OR ???

    I’m still leaning toward the EVO as its is an everything phone for a geek like me, but with my family plan, there is more to consider than just my geekoutabilty. <~~ my word, I claim it here:)

    I'm sure this wont be the last we here about this battle of the phones…

    I always liked Tina Turner… nice stems..

  18. Jason says:

    Verizon has the Droid Incredible!

  19. Luis says:

    iphone 4g is coming till 2011, guess Ill enjoy the evo instead.

  20. MattL says:

    Even with the $10 charge it’s still cheaper than a comparable plan for an iPhone on AT&T.

  21. Jordan says:

    And T-Mobile subscribers (like myself) will be counting down the days left on their contract.

  22. Matt says:

    It’s a good time to be Sprint subscriber. =)