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Everything We Want to See in THE OA Season 2

(Hey Nerdist Readers, this article contains spoilers for the first season of Netflix’s The OA. If you haven’t seen the show, we recommend it!)

The OA is one of the most important additions to Netflix in recent years. The Brit Marling/Zal Batmanglij vehicle is a perfect extension of their indie genre-bending efforts and it subverts the storytelling style of modern binge-able content. It’s also kind of a disaster. The show focused on a mystery that led to a magical take on interpretive dance that asked A LOT of viewers, especially with a season finale that dismantled the entire show in a (possible) twist that fans have to either accept or consider a laughable slap to the face.

But now that news has broken straight from Netflix that The OA will indeed be returning for a second string of episodes, we’ve got our list ready for what we’re hoping to see in the show’s “Part II”:


Answers would be nice. Did Prairie make up the entire thing? Did the group do The Movements and open up a pocket dimension where they saved their own lives? Should Donnie Darko be suing over this? Or did their looking like a bunch of asses wind up saving a bunch of lives? Did Prairie need to get shot to fulfill her destiny? If this was all the creation of a sociopath, what the hell do you do for a second season?


Riz Ahmed barely appeared in the show, despite having a breakout year thanks to Rogue One and The Night Of. But it feels like The OA was really setting him up for something. He’s the only person in this world who has a full understanding of the events in Prairie’s life, without being a part of her inter-dimensional dance squad. What’s he coming back to do in season two? Is it more than asking some questions and disappearing? Will he turn out to also be a bad guy? Will he help get Prairie out of whatever hospital she’s bound to be placed in?


We got a brief glimpse at other doctors doing work in soul-related research in season one, and it went terribly. But it does show that there’s a web of evil scientists doing evil scientist stuff and kidnapping people around the globe. This is, maybe, the best part of the show. We want to see so much more of this.


One of the most intriguing villains we’ve seen in recent years is Jason Isaacs as the cool airplane-flying doctor who is also a horrible monster, and one who has now acquired the ability to travel between time and space. He’s practically an evil Doctor Who with a blank check to do some real damage when he comes back… if he even comes back.


Who the hell was that? And why? C’mon. In a world where everything is so interconnected, there has to be an explanation. Does it tie into those two hours of Russian upbringing we had to learn about? We hope so.

So what do you think? Did the show capture your attention the first time around or did it burn down all of your trust with that finale? Are you interested in the gesture work/interpretive dance as weird magic stuff or is this all weird and laughably bizarre? Are you coming back for season two? Sound off in the comments to let us know.

Featured Image: Netflix

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