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Everything We Know About the Eli Roth Produced CLOWN

Well, I think it’s safe to say that scary clowns are having a moment. Between Twisty and Dandy on this season of American Horror Story to True Detective director Cary Fukunaga’s upcoming two-part feature adaptation of Stephen King’s It, the nightmare creatures are back and more terrifying than ever.

One of the most intriguing horror prospects is Clown, produced by Eli Roth. The movie started out as a fan-made trailer produced in 2010. Now, here we are in the end of 2014 and the film directed by Jon Watts has seen a release in Italy after its featured poster was banned for being “too scary.” There has been some confusion about what was going on with the US release of the movie as Dimension Films has yet to set a premiere date stateside.

Back in January of 2014 a trailer was released, although with the lack of information or comments that followed, some people believed that the trailer was leaked. The Italian release of the movie earlier this month was very real though and thanks to the folks over at Film.It, we’ve got a look at some horrifying images from the movie which centers around a dad who dresses up as a clown for his sons birthday party only to find out that he can’t take the costume off. Yikes. Nightmares, I tell you!

If you’re feeling brave, take a look at our gallery of the images, included the banned poster, followed by the fan made trailer and the official international trailer below!

Here’s the fan made trailer that inspired it all:

Now here’s the international trailer for the release in Italy:

What do you think, horror fans? I love how some of the shots are pretty similar. It could be a really neat success story if it all pays off. Are you excited to see Clown in all its twisted in grizzly glory? Reveal your thoughts about the nightmare creatures below!

We’ll keep you posted on release date details as they emerge!

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  1. Randy says:

    How can I see this movie? Can I buy it? I can’t find it anywhere. I am in the United States. Email me if you no where I can watch this or buy it at [email protected]

  2. @Dubzzzinyaface says:

    Absolutely LOVED this film!!! Check out my review:

  3. Brad says:

    I think Eli Roth Clown will scare you. I hope It Is released In Canada. I would love To see It.