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Every DC Movie Revealed! But Is It Enough to Beat Marvel?

Shield your heads, superhero fans! There’s a veritable avalanche of DC movies on the way, and we know almost everything about all of them!

Join Jessica Chobot as she fills you in on when you can see Justice League Part 1 and 2, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Suicide Squad, Shazam, Batman, Superman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern, explores what a new Flash for the DC Cinematic Universe means for the DC TV Universe, and measures up the now-clear DC slate to what Marvel‘s got cookin’ – all on today’s Nerdist News!

Thanks for watching, make sure you catch Dan Casey’s favorite horror comics in today’s episode of The Dan Cave, and sound off in the comments below about how the DC slate’s looking to you!

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  1. dan says:

    Why isn’t the rock considered a “person of colour”? His parents were “black” and Samoan? Is it just because he doesn’t look dark enough? Seriously?

  2. beu says:

    bring on marvel’s movies

  3. beu says:

    fuck the movies from dc universe

  4. Alternate Universes via DC. Can’t wait to see them collide in a universe crossover movie.

  5. maya says:

    DC problem is that they have been recycling the same line of heros in their movie and small screens for the past 40 odd years.unlike marvel (with the exception of X-men, Hulk and Spiderman).
    That is why Arrow has been such a success among the comic fans and general public. because finally we were getting a hero which was not batman or superman (and trust me i love batman!) – and no i don’t find Arrow to be Batman lite or a rip-off the dark knight.

    So i ask:When will we ever see a Batwoman movie?!? i  have been following her book for awhile now and i would love to see her origin story come to life.personally i find her the most fascinating of the bat family. she’s part of it, but she doesn’t answer to batman she’s an independent member. Also, in the right hands, i would love to see a new (and better written) Birds of Pray show or movie! (my god it’s about time).
    * have you noticed a trend in the type of movies i would love to see on my screen?…
    but not just them, DC has a mine of great characters they can use that are not superman, batman or even wonderwoman.

  6. Capt. Obvious says:

    Oh, and also I would say Marvel has been pretty on top of “people of color” and “women” in the films. Nick Fury, the new Johnny Storm in the Fantastic 4 reboot and Sue Storm in general, they’re lead characters, Blade, need I even mention X-Men? Then of course you’ve got Elek- …nevermind.

  7. Capt. Obvious says:

    At this point, anything DC does is just gonna seem like they’re copying Marvel. They’ve had a huge head start. I think Marvel, and this is opinion, has also done a better job pulling in non-comic fans to the respective franchises. That’s quite the leg up. I predict if DC is to attempt coming out of this on top, they can’t go for quantity, they must have quality-rich films. At any rate, that is a long, tough, uphill climb. But I was never much of a DC fan anyway.

  8. Onlyne says:

    The West family is black on the Flash television show, so Ezra being Wally is out of the window.

  9. strant says:

    DC is too consumed with Political Correctnes 

    • Fleabee says:

      How politically correct is this though? They killed thousands of people? Why not fly out to a desert to fight Zod?

      • Booya says:

        but how? ask Zod politely? “Shall we take this fight to the next room?” Zod doesn’t give a rats ass about humans, besides the numbers would have been billions if Zod won. /justsayin the destruction was inevitable just like any war.
        Take supes out of the picture take this as Humans fighting aliens, no one would have asked this questions. You are just being a racists! you dont like kryptonians!

  10. Lindsey says:

    What happens after six super villains successfully take over the world?

  11. Jerry says:

    I hate this cuntface host

  12. fataltapper says:

    DC’s Arrow-verse is the best thing Warner Bros. has going for them.  They are foolish not incorporating their big ticket superheroes into their TV stuff.

  13. EViL2uCe says:

    If the animated TV series are any indicator, no – casual fans will tune out of the solo movies if Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman are not hinted or featured in them. Superman himself is barely a great standalone plot for a movie. Man of Steel underwhelmed and there hasn’t been a “good” Superman movie since Christopher Reeves.

    • JB says:

      Are you friggin’ serious?!? Since Christopher Reeve played Superman? Okay, I have all four of the original Superman movies in a boxed set, and each time I’ve watched them with my kids I wonder how it was that I loved the first two so much as a teenager. Man of Steel was leaps and bounds better than the original movies. Give me a break. Especially considering the fact that the movie they made with Richard Pryor was really an afterthought for the studio. It completely flopped. I can’t believe you even tried to pass this off as fact. Whatever. LOL.

  14. Wouldn’t a Suicide Squad movie without the group from Arrow also mean that the films don’t connect to TV?

  15. The Real Barry Allen says:

    Not a fan of Ezra Miller casting……Barry Allen ain’t no hippie!

  16. Scott says:

    At this point, I don’t care about DC movies. When they make something else as good as The Dark Knight again, I’ll pay attention again. Until then, I’m all about Marvel.

  17. mikedudez says:

    oh chobot you missed again the batarange should have looped and hit the ghost.
    anyway a tv unverse and movie universe that dont work together isnt very exciting and a bad idea

  18. DantheMan says:

    you have a weird mouth

  19. The Douger says:

    I don’t know how to tell you this but, you’re hot. 

  20. JJ82 says:

    TV and movie should sync up. They could do more world building within a few years than Marvel has done in 7. I’m all for it

  21. Milling says:

    I don’t want the movies to connect with the tv shows, it will just ruin the tv shows. 
    So far i haven’t seen a good dc film.