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Massive LEGO Erebor Build Impresses Hobbits and Elves Alike

The master builder behind the 7 foot tall (that’s taller than most humans, thank you very much) Gates of Erebor structure has expanded his creation more with a detailed interior to the space complete with Elven visitors, lights you almost think you can see flicker, and astonishing attention to detail. MichaÅ‚ Kaźmierczak created the original structure with 55,000 LEGO bricks, and it took him seven months to build.


The level of detail is truly impressive and stretches beyond the structure itself and into the foliage of the grounds with orcs on the prowl. Kaźmierczak didn’t stop with the front facade, though. He’s now added an interior to the diorama that stretched the inventory of bricks to 120,000 total, and continues to highlight the beauty of these scenes from The Battle of the Five Armies installment of The Hobbit trilogy.


Regardless of how you feel about all the film adaptations of JRR Tolkien‘s novels, you have to admit that fans around the world have created some absolutely incredible things based on the imaginings and designs of the movie producers. And even when adaptations didn’t stick to script, the production value in all the films was so top notch that it’s very cool to see people like Kaźmierczak get inspired and run with their ideas. I’d love to see him design and build a Lothlórien next.

Make sure you take a moment and wander through his Flickr page for details on all of his creations and plans if you want to build one yourself. They are truly awesome.

HT: Gizmodo


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