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Enter Porg Paradise with Our STAR WARS FORCE FRIDAY Round-Up

Hello weary travelers! The magnificence of Force Friday has descended upon us again, and this time it brings with it a tidal wave of cute creatures. Yes, we mean the porgs! Ahch-To’s native critters—penguin-like birds who will seemingly play a large part in this year’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Will they be the new Ewoks? Well, we LOVE Ewoks, so we can only hope that’s the case! As always, these toy reveals are plentiful and also hint at plot beats and character connections. If we’re to glean anything from the plethora of porgs on offer, it’s definitely that they’ll be teaming up with Chewbacca in some form or another, as was already hinted at in The Last Jedi BTS stills we’ve seen.

So without further ado here are all the Porg products you can take home this Force Friday weekend!

Of course, Funko are on top of all your cute critter needs with these Star Wars: The Last Jedi plushes, featuring TWO porgs for your plushie pleasure.

The first of five porg POP!s, this little cutie is ready for action on your collectables shelf.

This limited edition porg seems to be homaging that infamous Jaws poster—deep cut crossover there, Funko. We dig it. This is a chase variant so you’ll have to head into your local Hot Topic to grab it!

Target is pulling out the big guns with this exclusive porg who looks like he’s just about done with the First Order’s ish.

One of the two exclusive Hot Topic flocked porgs, this guy is cute, cuddly, and ready to save the galaxy!

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a smattering of Chewie/Porg team-up toys and this FYE exclusive flocked POP! is just one of them.

Funko is also offering this Chewie/Porg wobbler for your vinyl collection!

Yahoo! movies had an early image of this rather rad Chewie die cast figure with, YOU GUESSED IT, PORGS!! This will be available exclusively at Disney store on October 27th.

Need a porg pen? To plan the downfall of the First Order? No worries! Funko has, of course, got one of those too!

For those of you who want to snuggle up to the porgs day and night, Disney Store have you covered with these Porgtastic PJs.

Disneyland obviously got in on the action with some rad Force Friday merch, including this classic porg sweater. Which you can grab online at Disney Store.

The most magical place on Earth also came through with this insanely cute porg mug. That you also can smuggle home from the online store.

And for Disney regulars, you can even get a Disney Magicband starring Chewie and the porgs.

If you get hot and bothered in the queues at Walt’s World, don’t worry! Just sip from this rad Chewie and the porgs water bottle! They’re here to save the Galaxy! And YOU from dehydration! You can pre order-it now!

If porg plushies are more up your alley, we’ve got you! This slightly disheveled looking guy makes noises and moves when you cuddle him.

This classic porg plushie makes noises and looks hella cute whilst also looking at you intensely with his soulless eyes.

This plushie / blanket combo from Northwest is one of our favorite Force Friday finds, with the most incredible ’90s poster art of Chewie and his brand new bird buds!

Even your pets can get in on the action with these porgs from Petco. The rope-legged chew toy looks like he already knows his grisly fate, and the porg plush and dog blanket looks cozy enough for any self-respecting canine Star Wars fan.

If you want to learn more about Chewie and his porg pals, you can pre-order this uber cute picture book by Kevin Shinick and Fiona Hsieh.

And, of course, what would Force Friday be without some good ol’ LEGO? Yup! That’s a v cute LEGO porg. IRL. Seriously. But to own him you’ll have to buy the EPIC Ultimate Collectors Edition Millennium Falcon!


For the more discerning amongst us there are these porg cufflinks and porg tie! Cos why the porg not?

PHEW! Well, that’s the best of our porg products for now. Which of these will you be picking up this Force Friday? What do you think Chewie is really up to with these creepily cute creatures? Let us know in the comments!

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Images: Disney, Lucasfilm, Target, Hot Topic, Yahoo Movies, Petco, Funko



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