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GAME OF THRONES Challenges Elon Musk’s “Cyborg Dragon”

After launching a car into space, becoming the poster boy for electric vehicles, and taking the lead on preventing a possible A.I. apocalypse, Elon Musk knows that at this point he can say basically any nerdy thing and people will take it seriously. Case-in-point: Musk tweets one sentence about his next project being a “cyborg dragon” and…

Yeah. When it’s this tough to prove that someone isn’t Iron Man, you’re bound to jump onto every odd thing he says, hoping that a real arc reactor is just around the corner. Even pop culture behemoths like Game of Thrones couldn’t help themselves.

Sure, it’s ridiculous, but now we can’t help ourselves. Who would win? Dany’s fiery sky bois or a “real” dragon augmented with “space lasers”? This is important.

Here at Muskwatch HQ, Dan thinks that Musk can’t compete with magic, but I disagree. Considering that modern high-powered space lasers can burrow into an inch of steel from 1000 kilometers away in under 10 seconds, I think Dany’s dragon might be the one taking the knee.

…Dang! He got us again. Instead of focusing on Tesla production line problems or possible injury coverups, we’re debating dragons. Well played, we guess?

Also on the show this week, Elon might be out as chairman at Tesla and we have another BILLIONAIRE BEATDOWN—Bezos edition.

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What do you think of this week’s biggest Musk stories? What would you like to see us explore on the next Muskwatch? Would a cyborg dragon beat the Night King’s icy sky boi? Let us know in the comments below!


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