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Elliott Smith’s HEAVEN ADORES YOU Soundtrack Detailed

The story of Elliott Smith is one of the most horrendously tragic in music history. But he also left behind an incredible legacy–there are very few singers alive today who so heartrendingly pour themselves into their music as Smith did. The dark mood that he projected was honest, and his music always had a warm quality, never alienating.

If you’re a fan of his tender and heartbreaking, emotionally revealing music, Nickolas Rossi’s documentary film Heaven Adores You is something you should watch as soon as possible. The soundtrack comes out in early February so you don’t have to wait too long, and as promised, it includes unreleased, and some unfinished, tracks and demos from the icon.

Speaking about the soundtrack, producer Kevin Moyer told New Mexico’s 10 News,”It’s a balance between rough and polished works, early and late-career compositions, instrumental and vocals. We were trying to make sure we showed his evolution as an artist.” Moyer grew up in Portland and attended the same school as Smith, where they had many of the same friends.

Heaven Adores You Tracklist

01 Untitled Guitar Finger Picking [1983]
02 Untitled Melancholy Song [1993]
03 Don’t Call Me Billy [early version of “Fear City”] [1993]
04 Christian Brothers [performed with Heatmiser] [1995]
05 Hamburgers [performed with Neil Gust] [1995]
06 Plainclothes Man [Elliott solo version] [1996]
07 Unknown Song (instrumental) [1994]
08 Say Yes [live at Yo Yo Festival 1997] [1997]
09 Unknown (instrumental) [1994]
10 Coast to Coast [early version] [1995-96]
11 Waltz #1 (demo) [1997]
12 Untitled Soft Song in F [1993]
13 True Love [2001]
14 Miss Misery [live on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”] [1998]
15 L.A. [1999]
16 Son of Sam (acoustic) [1999]
17 The Last Hour [early version] [1999]
18 Everything Means Nothing to Me [1999]
19 Happiness [1999]
20 I Love My Room [1984-85]

Moyer wasn’t kidding about “early compositions”–Smith was only 14 on “Untitled Guitar Finger Picking.” We’re in for a special treat with this soundtrack, guys.

Here’s the trailer for Heaven Adores You, for a double dose of Elliott Smith-ness.

The documentary is an intimate affair, focusing on the times when Smith flourished as an artist and human being, not so much the last minutes of his life. Moyer told 10 News, “it’s our love letter to Elliot Smith.”

For a trip down memory lane to get you in the mood for what’s to come, have a look back at Smith’s achingly beautiful performance of “Miss Misery” at the 1998 Oscars. It makes me cry every time. What about you–Elliot Smith fan? Are you going to purchase the soundtrack to Heaven Adores You? Reach out on Twitter, or make a comment below.

HT: Pitchfork 

IMAGE: YouTube/Heaven Adores You

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