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DVR Dump – Week of 10/13/2013

So much good TV and so little time… yes, it’s time again for DVR Dump, my list of all the things stockpiled on my DVR that I plan on catching up with, complete with a short synopsis of each episode.  Sit back, put your feet up, make some coffee, and enjoy your catching up on all the shows you might have missed.


Aqua TV Show Show (formerly Aqua Teen Hunger Force) – “Storage Zeebles” found Carl buying the contents of a storage unit to make a quick buck, and he comes across an amazing (and bizarre) discovery.

Bob’s Burgers – In this Halloween themed episode, “Fort Night,” the kids are trapped in a fort built out of boxes by one of Louise’s insane “friends”. Plus Bob and Linda attempt to build a costume…

The Simpsons – “Treehouse of Horror XXIV” had a spectacular opening sequence by Guillermo Del Torro, followed by three not-so-spectacular shorts. Curious to see an actual episode of The Simpsons this season; so far, it’s been this and a Homeland parody.


Adventure Time with Finn and Jake – in “Box Prince,” when a cat wearing a box appears outside the tree house after a storm, Finn takes off on a grand adventure of his own unique imagination’s design.

Sleepy Hollow – “The Lesser Key of Solomon”: Ichabod and Abbie find out the name of the evil force that terrorizes Sleepy Hollow. Kinda hoping it was named “Frank.” SPOILERS – It’s not.


New Girl – “The Captain” was about sex. A lot of it was about sex. Also, as I predicted last week, it seems Schmidt is firmly on the path to ultimate douchebaggery, as he plots to break up Nick and Jess for most of the episode.

Chicago Fire – This week’s “Is She Hot” had a dramatic underwater rescue, a rather gruesome construction-related injury, and the bar co-owned by several of the firefighters is under threat of new management.


South Park – “World War Zimmerman” kinda missed for me with a World War Z parody that they paired off with a commentary on the George Zimmerman trial.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY! “The Gang Saves The Day” as means of celebrating this milestone episode.

The League – Goes perhaps too far this week in “Heavy Petting,” which involves a van full of puppies (some dead!) and a child’s party. After the last two fairly experimental episodes, it’s nice to have a “classic” episode of the show.


Parks and Recreation – BILLY ON THE STREET (in Pawnee)! The manic star of Funny or Die’s fantastic webseries (also on Fuse) made a guest appearance as part of the continuing merger of Pawnee with rival (richer) town Eagleton. Also meet the “other” Ron (Sam Elliott!), and thrill as a rivalry is born.


Legend Of Korra – Triad activity threatens to put Future Industries out of business, and Mako performs an investigation uncovering a vast conspiracy in “The Sting.”

Die Antwoord’s “Ugly Boy” Video Features Jack Black, Flea, and Marilyn …

Die Antwoord’s “Ugly Boy” Video Features Jack Black, Flea, and Marilyn …

How Dustin Saved the World on STRANGER THINGS

How Dustin Saved the World on STRANGER THINGS

How Fast Were Dany's Dragons in Last Week's GAME OF THRONES?

How Fast Were Dany's Dragons in Last Week's GAME OF THRONES?



  1. Shawn Depasquale says:

    It was. This is a listing of stuff from the previous week. I go from Sunday to Saturday.

    Last night’s Bob’s will be included on next weeks DVR Dump.

  2. Mccrackelz says:

    Wait… wasn’t fort night last week?

    I swear I’ve already seen it.

    And it was awesome.