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Dr. Who x Muppets

Naaaaailed it!  Amy Mebberson got it perfect with her Dr. Who and Muppets mashup.  Looks like Amy had the print available at San Diego Comic Con, and since it’s not hanging on my wall right now I obviously missed it.  I need this.  Now!

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  1. Dusti Lewars says:

    I agree with Nathan..pretty sure Camilla is Jo. That hair and that wide open mouth pose? Very typically Jo.

  2. Nathan says:

    I think Camilla the Chicken is Jo Grant rather than Sarah Jane. The hair seems more Jo than Sarah.

  3. Cory C. says:

    As a public service, here’s the complete “Who’s Who” (pun intended)… Companions’ associations denoted in parentheses:

    Animal > the 6th Doctor
    Skeeter > Ace (7th Doctor)
    Fozzie > the 8th Doctor
    Scooter > the 5th Doctor
    The Swedish Chef > Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (2nd Doctor)
    Annie Sue (or “Not Miss Piggy #1) > Melanie Bush (6th & 7th Doctors)
    Rizzo the Rat > the 9th Doctor
    Gonzo > the 3rd Doctor
    Camilla the Chicken > Sarah Jane Smith (3rd & 4th Doctors)
    Sgt. Floyd Pepper > the 4th Doctor
    Janis > Romana II (4th Doctor)
    Sweetums > Jamie McCrimmon (2nd Doctor)
    Bunsen Honeydew > the 7th Doctor
    Spamela Hamderson (or “Not Missy Piggy #2) > Rose Tyler (9th & 10th Doctors)
    Bean Bunny > Adric (5th Doctor)
    Sam the Eagle > the 1st Doctor
    Beaker > the 10th Doctor
    Kermit > the 11th Doctor
    Miss Piggy > River Song (10th and 11th Doctors)
    Pepe the King Prawn > Captain Jack Harkness (9th and 10th Doctors)
    Rolf > the 2nd Doctor

  4. John Seever says:

    I got a reply back from Amy via her DeviantArt page.

    ‘I’m sorry, but the Muppet Who prints sold out at Comicon.
    I will be making a limited number for New York con in Oct, but it will not be available online as a print.

    It’s a general policy I have for copyrighted characters. Prints are con-only.’

    So, who is going to the New York Con, and would be willing to pick up a print for me? I can send the money via paypal.

  5. runnin on empty says:

    John, the best way to contact Amy is through her personal website or the deviant art page. Good luck!

  6. John Seever says:

    Chris, as soon as you do, post for us. I sent a message to Amy via her DeviantArt page and she has a bunch of other Muppets x Dr. Who there, as well as a few Disney x Dr. Who.

    I hope to get this, as it is sooo cool.

  7. Chris says:

    If I had been able to go to Comicon I totally would have bought this! I want one and must find out a way to get my hands on a copy!!

  8. Brian E. says:


  9. Matt says:

    OMG! That’s like two of my favorite things from my childhood had sex and had a sexy baby! That is all sorts of awesome!

  10. John Seever says:

    I so want this. Is there a link to perhaps buy this? Running, how much did you pay for your copy?

  11. Michael says:

    Never mind… I see Rizzo now!

  12. runnin on empty says:

    *miller* should be muppets. Stupid auto correct!

  13. Michael says:

    This is awesome, but I can’t find Nine anywhere…

  14. Ryan says:


  15. Runnin on empty says:

    I bought this at SDCC and Amy signed it. She was really great and had other miller prints….I bought another of the muppets as members of the Lantern Corps.

  16. Yeah That's Right says:

    Did anybody else just jizz in their pants?

  17. Lokey says:

    Ohhh that’s brilliant! Love it like the space boy loves his TARDIS!

  18. Alicia says:

    Miss Piggy is killing it as River Song!

  19. JE Smith says:

    Beaker as the Tenth Doctor is absolutely perfect.

  20. Todd says:

    Is Rizzo Christopher Eccleston? Love Beaker as Tennant.

  21. TheDemko says:

    AWESOMENESS! Almost, but not QUITE as cool as James Hance’ Muppet/Firefly mashup, Firefrog.

    And is that Captain Jack Pepe?

  22. Sara says:

    Awesome, indeed!

    I have to say, it’s truly amazing how much Doctor Who has blown up in the US in the past couple years. Yesterday I was riding on a bus in LA and the little transit television at the front spent 5 or 10 minutes talking about the show and explaining its basic premise. I was with a friend and happened to look up and go, “is that William Hartnell?!” Strange moment.

  23. Aaron says:

    Weapons grade awesome.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Holy hell. Best crossover ever? I think so.

  25. Jorge Montes says:

    Want. Want. Want. Want. WANTWANTWANTWANTWANT!!!