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“Dr. Hooey is Good”

I always wondered what Dr. Who would be like on too many hallucinogenics.  Thanks to this Turkish remake I have all my answers.

via iheartchaos

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  1. sabri says:

    anything is acceptable as long as it is funny.

  2. kaan says:

    hello im turkish.when i saw the video at first i laugh very much and i wondered who made it i though it is made in turkey because of the channel’s name .but i think and search a little.i understand its not. its concept is all arabic (music language characters) But as a turk im not bothered. I think its not about raciszm its about ignorance and ”stereotypeing people” of some europan people about turkey and turkish(or uneuropan) people.its like saying ”french people dont wash their ass” or ”germans are rude” or ”english people have bad theeth” just myths of ignorance 🙂
    by the way this is very comic and sucsesful video well done

  3. Zardoz says:

    I’m from Turkey, and i have never seen this on our TV’s, in fact we dont use Arabic Alphabet, we use Latin.

  4. Jesse M. says:

    Um, Dr. Hooey doesn’t appear “filthy” to me, nor “vaguely sleazy” except in the way of a typical cheesy B-movie hero who winks at the camera as some girl fawns over him (and I don’t know why you think ‘unshaven’ is a bad thing, it’s not like he looks sloppy, his beard appears very neatly-trimmed). If you check out the video “America’s Doctor Who” here, the joke of having Jack Black as Doctor Who results in a similar kind of character (though the video overall isn’t as funny), I don’t think the makers of this video were expressing prejudice against Americans.

    “Not to mention that “ha ha Turks make bad TV” as a comic premise is entirely just a racial stereotype.”

    No it’s not, it’s based on a very specific phenomenon of terrible Turkish remakes of American movies, which have achieved a sort of cult notoriety similar to the Star Wars Holiday Special. Maybe you weren’t familiar with this phenomenon but a lot of us are–did you take a look at any of the clips I linked to here, here and here?

    “What if this were white people in blackface making fun of the low production values on blaxploitation classics like Coffy or Shaft? Would that also not be racist?”

    Blackface has a pretty specific history that makes it offensive, there was nothing akin to dressing up in blackface in the video. A parody of a blaxploitation movie like Shaft wouldn’t in itself be racist though, it would depend how it was done. Do you think a parody of Godzilla movies would automatically be racist against the Japanese? Is this parody of anime cartoons racist?

  5. Karl S. says:

    Well the name of the Youtube channel this is on is mangled Turkish (it appears to say “nine TV shows,” (Dokuz tane programla[r]) probably they meant to say “Channel Nine”(Kanal Dokuz).

    Furthermore the “phenomenon” of Turkish TV shows and media is here parodied by depicting Turks as filthy, unshaven, vaguely sleazy individuals, the way they are generally depicted by anti-Turk bigots.

    Not to mention that “ha ha Turks make bad TV” as a comic premise is entirely just a racial stereotype.

    What if this were white people in blackface making fun of the low production values on blaxploitation classics like Coffy or Shaft? Would that also not be racist?

  6. Dan says:

    It also doesn’t mention Turkey anywhere! Everyone has just been presumptuous!

  7. Jesse M. says:

    I don’t really understand why anyone would call this “racist trash”, it’s not like it invokes any racist stereotypes about Turkish people, it’s just making fun of the phenomenon of low-budget Turkish knockoffs of popular sci-fi films, like Turkish Star Trek, Turkish Star Wars and Turkish Superman (full versions with subtitles here and here and here)

  8. Phil says:

    The beedear: More fearsome than the Daleks and Cybermen combined.

    Also, if season 6 contains one scene with Amy grinding on the TARDIS, the world will be complete.

  9. Jessica says:

    oh, who cares if it was real… the sound of laughter and the smile on my face says it is real enough!

  10. Daniel S says:

    The Beedear truly is the most evil creature of all

  11. Magnoliafan says:

    Pretty sure Turkish script is based off the Latin alphabet and there’s some kind of Arabic or something that tries to look Arabic going on in this video.

  12. Bill says:

    Note: At the end, there is a guy who appears to be dry-humping the TARDIS. O.o

  13. Galadriel says:

    Yes, it is racist trash, and I hope the Nerdist website will let us say so without deleting our comments or insulting us about having that view… which is exactly what the DoctorWhoTV site did today. The host there posted this video link, a few of us said what we thought of it (with civility, I might add), and our comments were removed; the video link was not. Gee, media censorship just like in the mainstream broadcast network world. Sigh.

  14. Mal says:

    Whatever that was, it was fantastic.

  15. oluutaa says:

    I call shenanigans . . . The Doctor would never result to physical violence. Not even against the bedeer!

  16. Karl S. says:

    Oh pardon me I just went to the Youtube channel and watched the video to establish that it was racist trash; I guess I should have read a one-sentence blurb on iheartchaos that establishes the exact same point.

  17. Jiminy C. says:

    Um, if you follow the link it explains exactly what it is. I don’t think it’s as mysterious or complicated as you want to make it. It’s, you know, parody.

  18. Jess says:

    Yeah, I don’t think this is legit – at least the parts I could make out of the Turkish, that’s not what they’re saying. But really, that doesn’t make it any less fabulous.

  19. Karl S. says:

    Yeah, that doesn’t sound a damn thing like Turkish and the name of the Youtube channel looks like someone tried to run the phrase “Channel Nine” through Google Translate, and then Google Translate failed miserably.

    This is just racist trash.

  20. Jesus says:

    I too call foul there is just something off about this

  21. snapthejap says:

    Wait, is he fighting the BEEDEER or dancing with it?

    Doctor Hooey, Thank you for making me laugh.

  22. ocularnervosa says:

    Well, that made as much sense as any other Dr. Who episode I ever saw, except for the bestiality of course.

  23. Arcxjo says:

    If ever there was a bigger drought of of fezzes, I’ve never seen it.

  24. kyleawhile says:

    I call Shenanigans. I don’t believe that this is at all Turkish, I you look closely at the end “The End” is spelled with goofy English lettering. Besides Turkish programming is much, much worse. PS Doctor Hooey looks a lot like Eddie Izzard to me.

  25. Pange says:

    But the real question is – when will Nerdist do a ‘Doctor Hooey’ for newbies? I’m so confused!!

  26. Deltus says:

    You know those situations where something is so bad, it’s good?

    This is not one of those situations.