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DOOM’s TERMINATOR 2 Easter Egg Deserves a Big Thumbs Up

(Note: Please read the following paragraph in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenneger for full effect.)

Everybody knows that Terminator 2: Judgement Day has one of the best endings ever in de history of movies, and that you always watch it when it comes on dee telly vision. Another totally amazing thing besides my movies is the video game DOOM, what with all the shooting and the monsters. Maybe I should have been in those I love shooting monsters. Anyway, the new version has an incredible Easter egg for all of you people that play games and watch movies like DOOM and Terminator 2 and you should definitely check it out.

(Note: You may now return to your normal reading voice.)

Bethesda’s DOOM reboot officially launched today, May 13th, but already gamers are finding awesome Easter eggs hidden throughout, including one very cool ode to James Cameron’s revered sequel. We learned about it via Kotaku, and the video was uploaded by YouTube user Grizwords, who notes, “Hasta la vista, nooby.” You can watch it up above.

The only downside is that to get to see it yourself you have to willingly die by jumping into the lava pit. But you know what? Sometimes it is the right, nay, the only thing to do for the betterment of the world.

Oh, and we know you will want to immediately go looking for the actual scene from the movie, but no need to rush off, we have you covered.

What other Easter eggs from the game have you discovered, on your own or from others gamers? Tell us in the comments below.

Every death-by-lava in movies is wrong — even Terminator 2‘s:

Image: YouTube/Grizwords

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