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Gaming Daily: Pre-Order DOOM on Xbox One and Get Old DOOMs for Free

Did you guys hear that? That’s the sound of shrink wrap sliding off new video game boxes. Yes, Tuesdays always mean new games are gloriously available. The big one hitting shelves today is Far Cry Primal. Our review for that game should be coming in soon, but don’t worry, we have other coverage of the title for your viewing pleasure in the meantime. Now, onto the business at hand. In today’s Gaming Daily, pre-ordering Doom on the Xbox One will get you the original Doom and Doom II, we see what it takes to tame a bear in Far Cry Primal, Axiom Verge is still coming to the PS Vita, mod support is coming to the PC version of Fallout 4 in April, and Far Cry Primal‘s day one patch added a new mode.


Doom listing reveals original Doom and Doom IIwill be free for those who pre-order on the Xbox One.

Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature has been great so far.

Just like with Fallout 4, Dark Souls 3, and Rainbow Six: Siege, pre-ordering the Xbox One version of Doom digitally will get you old titles for free–more specifically, the original Doom and Doom II. All you need to do is go on the Xbox shop to purchase the title prior to its May 13 launch, and you’ll get a direct message on your Xbox One with the download codes in the near future.

Microsoft has done a brilliant job of using BC games as an advantage over their competition. I mean, which customer doesn’t like a free game? Sure, you might never play Fallout 3 on your shiny new console, but it sure is nice to have it there just in case you ever do feel like playing an older gem. It’s certainly a nice incentive to go the Xbox route when choosing third-party titles.

HT: Gameinformer

Let’s tame a bear in Far Cry Primal

As I mentioned above, Far Cry: Primal is finally available, and well it’s pretty rad. On this week’s Nerdist:Play, our very own Malik Forté took to the wilderness of Primal in an attempt to tame a wild bear. His venture, as daunting as it sounds, was indeed successful. He also had to tame a few other critters, but his new buddy Smokey is easily the strongest of the group. With his new pal by his side, no one can stop Takkar! Peep the clip above.

HT: Nerdist

Axiom Verge is still coming to the PS Vita.

Axiom Verge is one of the best PS4 games from 2015 that no one talked about. It’s an epic platformer in the vein of classic Metroid titles that melds tight gameplay with an expansive arsenal of weapons to create an incredibly fun adventure. Unfortunately, the PS Vita version has yet to launch due to some porting issues, but it is still coming despite the delay. Developer Thomas Happ is being incredibly transparent and released the bottom table that explains which aspects of the port still need to be worked on. Any of the items that are tagged as “Critical” must be addressed pre-launch.


The good news is that once the game is finally released on the handheld, it’ll be cross-buy, so those who’ve already purchased it on the PS4 will get it for free on the Vita. You can watch the above video of the game running on Sony’s platform. Seriously, if you haven’t played this game yet, what are you waiting for?

We all take it for granted when games are announced to be cross-buy between the PS4 and Vita, and this serves as a good reminder that developers put a lot of hard work in creating these ports.

HT: GameInformer


Mod support coming to the PC version of Fallout 4 in April.

Todd Howard from Bethesda has officially announced that mod support for the PC version of Fallout 4 is coming in April. Xbox One players will get the support a month after PC players, and PS4 users will have to wait an additional month after that.  This will obviously make the impressively large game even bigger. The first piece of DLC, Automatron, is also set to launch next month, with the Wasteland Workshop content releasing in April. It’s going to be a busy time for wanderers.

HT: Nerdist


Far Cry Primal day-one patch adds a new difficulty mode.

If you’ve inserted the Far Cry Primal disc into your home console today, chances are you were greeted with a day one patch. What did this little bugger add? Well, other than some performance improvements to companions and overall stability, the new Expert Mode was added. Like the name implies, this mode makes the game harder, just in case you’re interested in making the prehistoric adventure a tad bit more grueling.

If you choose to take on this challenge, you can expect Takkar’s health to be half of what it is in hard difficulty. The A.I.’s attacks speeds are also increased, and enemies won’t show up on the map unless they’ve been tagged. Hiding will also become harder as those who spotted you take longer to forget you’re there. If you’re still scoffing at these changes, aim assist is reduced, and your attacks don’t pack the same punch.

This might make hunting saber tooth tigers a bit more difficult.


What an exciting day. Make sure to take a break from taming wild beasts in Far Cry Primal to check out all our gaming coverage throughout the week. And of course, keep it here for all of your nerdy needs. What games did you guys pick up today? Are you still waiting on Axiom Verge? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Bethesda, Ubisoft

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