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Dolph Lundgren Wants to Play Cable in DEADPOOL Sequel

He must break Deadpool.

Earlier Thursday morning, we had the distinct pleasure of welcoming the one and only Dolph Lundgren into the Nerdist offices to talk about his new movie Kindergarten Cop 2, as well as take a little science quiz against yours truly (which he totally aced). But in the middle of our conversation, Lundgren dropped an amazing little bit of Deadpool dream casting — the role of the time-traveling cyborg mutant Cable in the sequel should be played by…Lundgren himself.

In the video from our Facebook live feed above, Lundgren explains that he hasn’t really kept up with superhero movies (he is usually too busy actually being a superhero). What he did like, however, was this February’s smash hit Deadpool. Lundgren thinks that he would make a perfect Cable, a mutant who Deadpool himself said would be in the sequel if it got made.

Lundgren has the look, the experience, and the fame to both nail Cable and give Deadpool ample fourth wall fodder. Our commenters agreed. User Neal Shannacappo was so excited by the idea that he whipped up this amazing poster in the few minutes after Dolph dropped the news:


Looks almost like is was made to be, wasn’t it? Lundgren would be the perfect stern and badass foil for Deadpool and counterpoint to Colossus.

What do you think? Would Lundgren make a good Cable? He already has the power, so why not give him some super powers as well? Let us know what you think about Dolph’s dream in the comments below.

Images: Neal Shannacappo via Nerdist Facebook

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