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DOCTOR WHO, WILLY WONKA, SHERLOCK, and More Are Now Funko Playmobil Figures

It’s been almost 17 years since LEGO finally gave in to the lure of outside licenses and brought us Star Wars sets. Now, with its own movie on the way, that OTHER European line of stylized, constructive toys peopled exclusively by smiley-faced humans with interchangeable hair and pincer hands is getting in on the action. And we sense a definite bias towards egomaniacal geniuses with a hostile side but a heart (or pair of hearts) in the right place: Willy Wonka, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Back to the Future‘s Doc Brown, and the Ninja Turtles (okay, so they don’t quite fit the paradigm). Born of a partnership with Funko, they utilize that company’s extremely lucrative strategy of making licensed figures that don’t technically feature actor licenses, and therefore don’t require permission from people who might not give it.

The bad news is they’re not in scale with regular Playmobil; the good news is that at 6 inches, they’re bigger and better for collector display. At $14.99, they’re comparable price-wise to Pop Vinyls and cheaper than most other 6-inch action figures.

Could we get a TARDIS? There’s no mention of vehicles or playsets yet, but as we’ve seen the odd vehicle and diorama piece in the Pop Vinyl line, there’s no reason to rule it out.

Here’s the official word:

Funko is proud to announce a historic partnership with PLAYMOBIL, one of the most cherished names in collectibles history. Funko – the largest stylized vinyl collectibles company in the world – and PLAYMOBIL are collaborating to pair the classic articulated, 6-inch ABS figures with exciting pop culture and entertainment licenses for a collector-focused line. As PLAYMOBIL’s first official licensee, Funko will have the opportunity to bring new and beloved characters to PLAYMOBIL’s nostalgic frame.

“We’re honored and thrilled to create the first ever cross-license with PLAYMOBIL and bring their unique style to the hip and trendy pop culture licenses Funko is known for,” said Funko CEO Brian Mariotti.  “It’s an amazing opportunity, and we know fans of both styles are going to love these figures.”

Funko’s first wave of PLAYMOBIL 6 inch, 200% figures will include characters from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and BBC’s Sherlock and Doctor Who, with many more forthcoming. Figures will retail for $14.99 and be available in stores summer 2016.

Many more, eh? Okay readers, let’s hear it. What license should get Playmobile’d next?

Check out our gallery below, then offer up some new suggestions in comments. You never know when Funko people might be reading.

Oompa Loompa, doompa dee Daymobil…

Images: Funko


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