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Doctor Who Themed Google Doodle Game Is The Coolest Ever

Whovians across the world, prepare to have your mind blown into ginormous proportions. We’ve had quite an eventful week celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of Dr. Who here at Nerdist HQ. But it appear as if we’re not the only ones going all out in celebration, as Google’s New Zealand-restricted search engine displays the company’s love for the series in one of the most awesome ways possible. If you head over to Google  New Zealand, you’ll not only see a Doctor Who themed Google logo, but you’ll be prompted to play a fun and slightly challenging Doctor Who mini-game.

I won’t tell you anything else beyond that because it’s best to have the entire experience on your own. Google normally doesn’t re-theme their logo unless there’s a gripping occasion like a holiday or historical event’s anniversary, so this goes to show you just how much the Whovian-intuitive has impacted the globe. After you finish the mini-game, be sure to share your score with the rest of us in the comments. Mine was 18:23 (Yeah I know, I’m a noob).

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  1. MSB says:

    My best time is 1:55 (one minute and 55 seconds). Roughly, first level finished at 26 seconds, second finished at 55 seconds, third at 1:13, fourth level at 1:28, and complete at 1:55. I thought there was no way to improve once I made 2:29, but I proved myself faster than expected several times after that.

  2. BillyBob says:

    So how do you pick up the egg to catch a ride back to the tardis?

  3. Sara W. says:

    loooooooooooool mine was 3:55. I died once and it was the best thing ever man omg.

  4. The Master says:

    Just cracked 2mins and got down to 1.57. Perhaps with a bit more practice on last screen could get to 1.55 or 1.55, but not humanly possible to get it any lower without some blind luck on the last screen

  5. ThatGuy says:

    ThatGuy here again. just in case you don’t believe me. 🙂

    Also: If you’ve missed it, you should be able to find it here:

  6. ThatGuy says:

    I haven’t seen anyone on the internets being better than me. Eheh.

    G: 26 s
    O: 54,5 s
    O: 1:10 s (been on 1:09 once. Insaaane)
    G: 1:20 s
    L + E : 1:37

    The only place where you can save time is on first O where you can pick up the egg and fly back to tardis and last level, where you simply can breeze through it, if you know what you’re doing.

  7. The Master says:

    Just got it to 2.05. With a little more efficiency on last screen could get to 2.00. Need to learn to skip a few steps and also go the most efficient way.

    G: 26 secs
    O: 55 secs
    O: 1.12 secs
    G: 1.27 secs
    L: 2.05 secs

  8. The Master says:

    I got 2.11 as well.

    I reckon 2.09 or 2.08 is possible. also there must be a quicker way on the second stage to collect the egg and catch the ride without waiting.

  9. Charity says:

    No regeneration’s… oh yes

  10. tobi says:

    I found this last night after raking leaves all day.
    This is fantastic. I had fun, it took me more than 45 :xx,
    but then I wasn’t going for fast, i was going for through…. I wanted to see all the problems, all the stuff they had put into it. the angel, wow.
    The London bridge, fantastic. The lab… wow. neat.

    Now the real question: My extended family [in-laws, daughters, grandchildren, Brother, etc.] woke early this morning to find out they had missed the Google theme for Dr. Who.

    is there anywhere they can at least take a look? Does google at least take a few snapshots of the “the G page” or ” the second O page”?
    is there any where we can just run the little java game, so they can see what they missed?

    Does google put these theme pages any where people can just look at the stuff they do ?

  11. Aaron says:

    2:14 is my fastest so far, after about 10 attempts.

  12. Igel says:

    1min 54sec – i believe it is possible to get it under 1.50 atleast, by the time you are done with the 2nd map you can, if lucky, be at 59sec, in my best try i was done with those two at 1.05, the last map can also be done pretty quick, i might even go as far as saying it can be done in under 1.40 if extremely fast and lucky

  13. lb says:

    What’s the secret to getting over the moat in level 3. Cannot get the ‘switch’ to work. Are there hotkey combinations to jump? I’m stuck here and can’t get any further.

  14. Amanda says:

    I couldn’t even get *that* right: I meant video not ‘Internet’ games.

  15. Amanda says:

    I don’t play Internet games and approached the whole thing like a giddy schoolgirl. (I cowered behind the sofa, aged 5, when the daleks came out.) No cunning, just ‘hey, what do I do now?’ Did the egg thing the wrong way round. Never got beyond the cemetery. I spent so much time getting vaporized that I won’t even tell you how much time it took (twice — I tried again later in the day and got to the next stage). I actually thought it was quite fun getting it wrong so often and regenerating.

    I’m sure that you fast types (two minutes? Really? Going to play chess with the new Bobby Fisher next week?) are really smart and dexterous (part of it is using the keyboard efficiently). But I wonder if you aren’t also a bit like speed-readers who don’t really take in the scenery. Like Woody Allen’s joke: ‘I speed-read War And Peace once. It’s about Russia’.


  16. stillmatic says:

    G – 0:25 seconds?
    O – 0:54 seconds? are you a ghost?? how did you do it?

  17. Sandman says:

    2:36 personal best so far!!!, just wanted to said Congrat!! to the TV-series and google for help burning some time out of work time 🙂

  18. Shirley says:

    Omg i cant even get the last levellll!! Im in 32 minutes in the game cuz i dont how to pass the lazers on the ground! Helpp pleasee

  19. DutchGamer says:

    You are wrong stillmatic

    retried couple of times
    best times you can get for first 2 levels are :
    G : 0.25 (fairly easy)
    O : 0.54 (slighly harder)

  20. DutchGamer says:

    First run 6.29 min
    second run 4.00min

    still room to improve.

  21. stillmatic says:

    my total time is 2:29

    G – 0:26
    O – 1:05
    O – 1:22
    G – 1:34
    L & E – 2:29

    The only time that can be improved is the last section L&E.. but its hard. The other section cannot be improved

  22. BrotherTank says:

    Great Game that is presented to everyone in all countries except the U.S., as they get JFK stuff. It seems that some of them are upset that the rest of us are getting the Dr. Who game.. Would they have liked us to have gotten a Shoot JFK Doodle game? or some other marksman sniper game? Can hardly wait, as it’s just 2 hours until the day of the Dr., and of course our introduction to the 12 doctor in the series.

    I hope the new Dr. has a personality cross of say Tom Baker and David Tennant. We’ll soon see I guess.

  23. pat says:

    4.02 no regenerations. I’m a boss

  24. Leilani says:

    Ok… My time was 24.62 GREAT GAME!!!!!!! If you can’t pass level two just keep trying to get back in the Tardis after you get the O… and you will get it luv. PEACE

  25. Leilani says:

    I got the O in the second but can’t go to the next level…. So… is there something ive missed to get me there? lol I love the Doctar!!!!!!! Please help. if i figure it out after mad amounts of refresh I will try to post. PEACE

  26. Hallie says:

    I didn’t memorize my time before I clicked away from the game at the end, but it took me about 68 minutes and about 84 regenerations. Stupid floor lasers!